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The 1746-HSCE2 SLC 500 Multi-Channel High-Speed Counter Module contains 4 single-ended or 2 differential quadrature inputs. The 1746HSCE2 has 4 outputs and 1 MHz Maximum Input Frequency and 1.5 ms Maximum Module Update Time. 1746-HSCE2 is compatible with all SLC 500 CPU modules. Typical applications include packaging, material handling, flow monitoring, cut-to-length, motor speed control, and machining.
The 1746-HSRV SLC Servo Control Module contains 3 Inputs 24VDC, 1 Output 24VDC and provides an analog velocity command with programmable limits up to ±10V DC.  The 1746HSRV will execute and sequence individual motion commands or one of 16 motion profiles of up to 32 segments for complex motion profiles. The 1746-HSRV operates in two modes: Configuration and Command and is compatible with SLC 5/03, 5/04, and 5/05 processors.
With the 1746-HSTP1 Stepper Controller Module, Differential encoder Motion can be programmed in either direction for over ±8,000,000 counts of absolute position. The 1746HSTP1 feedback hardware can accept frequencies of up to 250 kHz for use as either loop back diagnostics or differential incremental encoder feedback devices. 1746-HSTP1 can be programmed for either incremental or absolute moves, depending on the application.
The 1746-QS is a synchronized axis control module that contains 4 linear displacement transducers inputs and 4 analog outputs (-+10V DC). The backplace current load of 1746QS is 1000mA at 5V DC or 200mA at 24V DC. Input frequency, max. is 220 inches at 0.002-inch resolution. This module has a module update time of 2ms.
The 1746-QV is a open-loop velocity control module that contains 1 linear displacement transducers input and 1 analog outputs (0...10V DC or -+10V DC). The backplace current load of 1746QV is 215mA at 5V DC. Input frequency, max. is 160 inches at 0.01-inch resolution. This module has a module update time of 2ms.