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GE/GE Fanuc Series Six

Series Prefix : IC600, IC660

Qualitrol International has thousands of new and remanufactured GE/GE Fanuc Series Six PLC parts in stock, including LX and LR memory modules, discrete and analog I/O, ASCII/Basic modules, Genius Bus Controllers, AC and DC power supplies, and complete CPU racks.

These parts are fully tested, cleaned, boxed and come with a 2-year warranty.Most parts can be shipped the same day. We also handle all Repairs in house.

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The Input/Output (I/O) Receiver module is utilized in all I/O racks (except for the first I/O rack in a Remote I/O station) to provide an interface for address, data, and control signals between the Series Six CPU and I/O modules; it also provides a link in a daisy chain to other I/O racks. The I/O Receiver module features and benefits are summarized in Table 1.

The I/O Receiver module monitors three types of error conditions: Daisy-chain power and continuity of I/O racks downstream (CHAIN OK); parity of data output by CPU (LOCAL PARITY); parity of CPU output data, driven by an I/O Transmitter module, as detected by other I/O Receiver module(s) downstream (CHAIN PARITY).

Corresponding LED indicators, visible through the module faceplate, turn off when the module detects errors and function as troublshooting aids.

The module comes from the factory configured for installation in all intermediate I/O racks in the daisy chain; however, the u s e r is instructed to reconfigure this module to ensure proper termination of the I/O Bus if the module is to be installed at the end of the I/O station daisy chain. (Refer to NOTE on this page,) Refer to Figure 1 (next page) for I/O Receiver module specifications.

NOTE I/O Receiver module Model IC600BF800B differs from Model IC600BF800A with regard to the module configurations described above. With the 800A model, users were instructed to remove a pair of DIP-shunts from all modules to be installedinintermediate (non-terminating) I / O racks. In the 800B model, however, a jumper-pack is installed at the factory for use in intermediate racks and a pair of DIPshunts are provided for installation in the terminating, or last, I/O rack.

The user should also note that these models are electrically compatible and can be utilized in the same I/O station. The module also adds parity bits to bytes of data generated by resident I/O modules and transfers parity bits generated by I/O modules downstrea

Remote I/O Receiver Module
24-48Vac/dc Input Module (8 points)
115Vac/dc Input Module (8 points)
230Vac/dc Input Module (8 points)
12Vac/dc Input Module (8 points)
Interrupt Input Module (8 points)
115V Isolated Input Module (6 points)
Type J Thermocouple Input Module (8 points)
Type K Thermocouple Input Module (8 points)
Type S Thermocouple Input Module (8 points)
Type T Thermocouple Input Module (8 points)
Type B Thermocouple Input Module (8 points)
Type E Thermocouple Input Module (8 points)
Type R Thermocouple Input Module (8 points)
High Speed Counter Module
Advanced I/O Receiver Module
10-50Vdc Input Module with Lights (32 points)
115Vac Input Module (32 points)
0-10Vdc Analog Input Module (8 channels)
-10Vdc to +10Vdc Analog Input Module (8 channels)
4-20mA Analog Input Module (8 channels)
Local I/O Transmitter Module
Remote I/O Driver Module
24Vdc Sink Output Module (8 points)
48Vdc Sink Output Module (8 points)
115Vac Output Module (8 points)
230Vac Output Module (8 points)
12Vdc Sink Output Module (8 points)
12Vdc Source Output Module (8 points)
24Vdc Source Output Module (8 points)
48Vdc Source Output Module (8 points)
115Vac Isolated Output Module (6 points)
230Vac Isolated Output Module (6 points)
Reed Relay Output Module (6 points)
Axis Positioning Module Type 1 (Resolver Feedback)
Axis Positioning Module Type 2 (Encoder Feedback)
5V TTL Output Module with Lights (32 points)
10-50Vdc Sink Output Module with Lights (32 points)
120Vdc Output Module (8 points)
10-50Vdc Source Output Module with Lights (32 points)
Local I/O Transmitter Module
0-10Vdc Analog Output Module (4 channels)
-10Vdc to +10Vdc Analog Output Module (4 channels)
4-20mA Analog Output Module (4 channels)
12K ASCII/Basic I/O Module
20K ASCII/Basic I/O Module
Loop Management Module (ProLoop System)
I/O Link Local (Series One or Series Three I/O)
I/O Communication Control Module (I/O CCM)