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GE Intelligent Platforms - GE Fanuc Series Three

Series Prefix : IC630

We have every module for the GE IP - GE Fanuc Series Three in stock, ready to ship. Each part has been fully-tested, cleaned and boxed, and comes with our exclusive 2-year warranty.

If you need help backing up or retrieving a program from your Series Three system, learn more about our Integrators Kits on our Tech Support page.

We can also Repair any SeriesThree module - call our Repair Hotline today at 1-800-784-9385.

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Series Three Data Communications Module (DCM)
I/O Link Local Module
I/O Link Remote Module
Base Unit, 4 Slots
Base Unit, 6 Slots
Base Unit, 8 Slots
CPU/Programmer Unit, 4K Words
24Vdc Sink Input Module (16 points)
5-12Vdc (TTL) Sink Input Module, D Connector (32 points)
24Vdc Sink Input/Output Module (16 In/16 Out)
24Vdc Sink Input Module, D Connector, w/LEDs (32 points)
High Speed Counter Module
24Vac/dc Source Input Module (16 points)
Analog Input Module, 4-20mA/1-5Vdc (2 channels)
I/O Simulator Module
115Vac Input Module (16 points)
115Vac Isolated Input Module (8 points)
230Vac Input Module (16 points)
24Vdc Sink Output Module, 2 Amp (8 points)
24Vdc Sink Output Module, 1 Amp (16 points)
5-12Vdc (TTL) Sink/Source Output Module (32 points)
24Vdc Sink Output Module, D Connector, w/LEDs (32 points)
24Vdc Source Output Module (16 points)
Analog Output Module, 4-20mA (2 channels)
Analog Output Module, +/-10Vdc (2 channels)
Analog Output Module, 0-10Vdc (2 channels)
115/230Vac Output Module (16 points)
115/230Vac Isolated Output Module (8 points)
Relay Output Module (16 points)
115/230Vac Power Supply Unit
24Vdc Power Supply Unit
115/230Vac Remote Power Supply Unit
24Vdc Remote Power Supply Unit