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GE Fanuc Series 90-30 Programming Tools

Series 90-30 Windows Programmer

Series 90-30 Windows Programmer

Now get a small, Windows-based portable PLC programmer that allows you to run any DOS-based PLC programming software, including the Series 90-30 programming software. No installation needed – just power-up and go!

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Since the introduction of the personal computer, GE Fanuc has provided programming software for its PLCs. There are three ways to program your GE Fanuc Series 90-30 PLC: Logicmaster, Versapro, and Proficy Machine Edition (ME).

Qualitrol International supports and offers all three programming solutions.

Logicmaster 90-30 is a DOS-based program that runs on any personal computer. Capable of providing ladder logic displays and printouts, program annotation and on-line, real-time, diagnostics, Logicmaster is a low-cost solution to program any Series 90-30 CPU.

Versapro was the next version of programming software for the 90-30 PLC. Available in a Standard and Professional version, Versapro provided a Windows-based environment, enabling all of the programming tools and troubleshooting options of its predecessor.

GE Fanuc’s Proficy Machine Edition is the current programming option for 90-30 PLC systems. Proficy ME is a universal development environment for all PLC, operator interface, and motion control applications. Proficy Machine Edition provides a common user interface, drag-and-drop editing, and support for the many editing components required for a project.

If you would like to speak to one of our PLC or Software Engineers about which 90-30 programming tool best suits your applications, here is how you can contact us:

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