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GE Fanuc Series Three Programming Tools

Most of the development on GE Fanuc’s Series Three PLC was completed before personal computing and ladder logic software was popular. However, GE Fanuc did provide a Portable Programmer that allowed you to

  • Download programs from the Series Three PLC CPU
  • Trouble shoot ladder logic programs
  • Annotate ladder logic programs
  • Reload programs into a CPU

Qualitrol has packed this Portable Programmer with other components to create a programming kit.

Series Three Ladder Logic Programmer Kit (part number QS3INTEGATOR): This kit consists of a Portable Programmer unit, a Series Three Program Pack, and a CD containing a complete set of manuals for the Series Three product family. Printer and audio cables are also included. The Portable Programmer has a 5-line, dot-matrix LCD display, spill-proof membrane keypad and rugged, industrialized enclosure making the Portable Programmer ideal for use in the field.

For additional software tools for your GE Fanuc PLCs, go to Software Toolbox.

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