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Series Prefix : IC694, IC695

As a follow up to the popular 90-30 product line, GE IP introduced the Rx3i PAC System in the early 2000s. Fast becoming a leading controller in the industrial marketplace, the GE Rx3i platform is fully supported by Qualitrol.

Qualitrol has a complete line of Rx3i components including high-speed processors, high-resolution analog I/O, high-density Digital I/O, and specialty modules. Able to support logic, motion, HMI and process control has solidified the RX3i’s place in the PLC control marketplace.

Qualitrol provides complete factory-quality REPAIR services, PROGRAMMING support, and FIELD support for the entire GE Rx3i family.

And contact us if you have unwanted Rx3i components – we will provide a top-dollar quote to buy back your unwanted Rx3i aprts.

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Part #: Description: More Info:
IC694ACC300 Input simulator Module, 16 p
IC694ACC310 RX3i Blank filler Module
IC694ACC311 Terminal blocks, 20 terminal (qty 6) for IC694xx I/O Modules only
IC694ALG220 Analog Input, Voltage, 4 pt
IC694ALG221 Analog Input, Current, 4 pt
IC694ALG222 Analog input, Voltage, 16 pt single ended/8 channel differential
IC694ALG223 Analog Input, Current, 16 pt single ended
IC694ALG390 Analog Output, Voltage, 2 pt
IC694ALG391 Analog Output, Current, 2 pt
IC694ALG392 Analog Output, Voltage/Current, 8 pts
IC694ALG442 Analog Combo Module, Current/Voltage, 4 in/2 out
IC694APU300 High speed counter Module 200KHZ A B and C type
IC694APU305 I/O Processor high speed counter for Gray Code Encoder or A QUAD B Encoder. 30 kHz Abolute Encoder or 200 kHz A QUAD B Encoder.
IC694BEM320 I/O Link Interface Module (Slave). Module uses RX3i high speed serial bus
IC694BEM321 I/O Link Interface Module (Master). Module is on the high speed serial bus
IC694BEM331 RX3i Genius Bus Controller (supports I/O and Datagrams). Module connectsto the serial bus. Requires CPU firmware 2.9 or higher and requires Proficy Machine...
IC694CHS392 Base Expansion 10 Slots
IC694CHS398 Base Expansion 5 Slots
IC694DNM200 DeviceNet Master Module for RX3i. Module can only be located in the CPUbase. The Module is on the high speed serial bus
IC694DSM314 Motion Controller Module, 1-2 axis Digital Servo or 1-4 Axis Analog Servo
IC694DSM324 Motion Controller Module, Digital /Analog Servo
IC694MDL230 Input Module, 120 VAC 8 pt, isolated per pt
IC694MDL231 Input Module, 240 VAC 8 pt, isolated per pt
IC694MDL240 Input Module 120 VAC, 16 pts
IC694MDL241 Input Module 24 VAC, 16 pts
IC694MDL250 Input Module, 120 Vac Isolated Input (16 pts). Module requires a terminal block IC694TBBx32 or IC693TBSx32). Compatible high speed serial bus on both...
IC694MDL260 Input Module 120 VAC, 32 pts. Module requires a terminal block IC694TBBx32 or IC693TBSx32). Compatible high speed serial bus on both Universal Base and...
IC694MDL310 Output Module, 120 VAC 0.5 amps 12 pts
IC694MDL330 Output Module 120/240 VAC 2amps 8 pts
IC694MDL340 Output Module 120 VAC 0.5 amps 16 pts
IC694MDL350 Output Module, 120/240 Vac Isolated Output, 2 Amp (16 pts). Module requires a terminal block (IC694TBBx32 or IC693TBSx32). Compatible high speed serial bus...
IC694MDL390 Output Module 120/240VAC 2 amps 5 pt isolated
IC694MDL632 Input Module 125 VDC 8 pt POS/NEG logic
IC694MDL634 Input Module 24 VDC 8 pt POS/NEG logic
IC694MDL635 Input Module, 125VDC, 16 pt
IC694MDL645 Input Module 24 VDC 16 pt POS/NEG logic
IC694MDL646 Input Module, 24 VDC 16 pt pos/neg logic, 1 msec filter
IC694MDL654 Input Module 5/12 VDC (TTL) 32 pt pos/neg logic
IC694MDL655 Input Module 24 VDC 32 pt POS/NEG logic
IC694MDL658 Input Module, 48 VDC pos/neg 32PT fast, Wiring termination is two Fujitsu connectors.
IC694MDL660 Input Module 24VDC32 pt. Module is supported by serial bus andis not limited to the universal base or expansion base. The Module requires a terminal block...
IC694MDL732 Output Module 12/24 VDC 0.5 amps 8 pts, positive logic
IC694MDL734 Output Module 125VDC 1 amp 6 pts isolated POS/NEG logic
IC694MDL740 Output Module 12/24 VDC 0.5 amps 16 pts, positive logic
IC694MDL741 Output Module 12/24 VDC 0.5 amps 16 pts, negative logic
IC694MDL742 Output Module 12/24VDC, 1 amp 16 pt positive logic ESCP protection.
IC694MDL752 Output Module 5/24VDC (TTL) 0.5 amp 32 pt negative logic.
IC694MDL753 Output Module, 12/24VDC POS logic, 32 pts. Interface uses Fujitsu connector.
IC694MDL754 Output Module 12/24VDC (0.75 amps/pt) 32 pt. Requires terminal block IC694TBBx32 box style or IC694TBSx32 spring clamp. Terminal block is sold seperately....
IC694MDL916 Output Module, Isolated Relay, Normally Open, 4 Amp, 16 pt. Requires High Density Terminal Block (IC694TBBx32 or IC694TBSx32). Only compatible with...
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