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GE Fanuc Field Control

Series Prefix : IC670

Thought that GE Field Control parts were obsolete and gone forever?  Well, Qualitrol has a complete offering of every GE Field Control module, bus interface and rack!  Besides our quality remanufactured GE Field Control parts that come with our 2-year warranty, we now have access to newly manufactured GE Field Control parts.  These parts are offered by GE Energy but are exactly the same parts that were manufactured by GE Fanuc.  We have new Genius Bus Interfaces (IC670GBI002 and IC670GBI102), Analog modules like the IC670ALG230 and IC670ALG330, all of the Field Control digital I/O modules, and all of the Field Control racks.

Every GE Field Control part – New in the box – As many as you need.  Qualitrol International - Extending the life of GE Field Control systems.

Plus, if you have GE Field Control parts that need to be repaired – don’t throw them away – we have the top Field Control repair center in the world. 

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Part #: Description: New: Surplus: Reman: Repair: More Info:
IC670ALG230 The GE Field Control Current Source Analog Input Module IC670ALG230... $704.50  $464.64 
IC670ALG240 The 16 point grouped analog input module, GE Field Control IC670ALG240, can... $1,029.00  $658.56 
IC670ALG310 An 8 Point Isolated Analog Voltage-source Output Module GE Field Control... $1,029.00  $658.56 
IC670ALG320 analog output module Ge Field Control IC670ALG320 provides a group of four... $810.00  $464.64 
The 8 point analog current-source output module, Ge Field Control...
$1,303.00  $0.00 
IC670ALG620 Analog input module Ge Field Control IC670ALG620 accepts inputs from 4... $898.00  $427.52 
The thermocouple analog input module Ge Field Control IC670ALG630 accepts...
$1,338.50  $697.60 
IC670CBL002 GE Field Control IC670CBL002 is a 21" I/O expansion cable. The GE Field... $79.73  $50.88 
IC670CBL003 GE Field Control IC670CHS003  is a cable for connector style I/O base. GE... $372.50  $238.40 
IC670CBL004 The 1 meter cable, GE Field Control IC670CBL004 is for a connector-style... $124.50  $79.68 
IC670CHS001 GE Field Control IC670CHS001 is a generic wiring bases that provides module... $352.50  $104.96 
IC670CHS002 The GE Field Control IC670CHS002 is an I/O terminal block that is are generic... $335.00  $102.72 
IC670CHS003 GE Field Control IC670CHS003 is a cable for connector style I/O base, 2 meter,... $160.14  $102.72 
IC670CHS004 The thermocouple terminal block GE Field Control IC670CHS004 can be used to... $184.46  $118.08 
IC670CHS101 GE Field Control IC670CHS101  are generic wiring bases that provide... $331.00  $93.44 
IC670CHS102 GE Field Control IC670CHS102 I/O terminal blocks are generic wiring bases that... $335.00  $102.72 
IC670CHS103 Providing module mounting, backplane communications, and terminals for user... $160.14  $102.72 
IC670GBI002 The GE Field Control IC670GBI002 is a bus interface unit. The GE Field Control... $465.50  $297.92 
IC670GBI102 GE Field Control IC670GBI102 is a 115VAC/125VDC bus interface unit. GE Field... $1,303.00  $310.92 
IC670MDL233 The 120VAC Isolated Input Module GE Field Control IC670MDL233 provides 8... $245.00  $156.80 
IC670MDL240 The GE Field Control IC670MDL240 module receives power from the bus interface... $634.00  $184.00 
IC670MDL241 The 240VAC Input Module GE Field Control IC670MDL241 provides two isolated... $412.84  $264.32 
IC670MDL330 GE Field Control IC670MDL330 12-120 VAC 1.0 amp output module that provides a... $424.50  $271.68 
IC670MDL331 A GE Field Control IC670MDL331 is a 120 VAC isolated output module. GE Field... $401.50  $148.48 
IC670MDL640 The GE Field Control IC670MDL640 24 VDC positive/negative input module... $202.50  $129.60 
IC670MDL641 The 48 VDC Positive/Negative Input Module GE Field Control IC670MDL641... $202.50  $129.60 
IC670MDL642 The 125 VDC Positive/Negative Input Module GE Field Control IC670MDL642... $299.00  $191.36 
IC670MDL643 GE Field Control IC670MDL643 e 5/12 VDC Positive/Negative Input Module. GE... $220.95  $141.44 
IC670MDL644 The 24 VDC positive/negative fast input module GE Field Control IC670MDL644... $222.00  $142.08 
IC670MDL730 Providing a single group of 8 discrete outputs the GE Field Control... $400.00  $256.00 
IC670MDL740 A GE Field Control IC670MDL740 12/24 VDC positive output module that provides... $401.50  $148.48 
IC670MDL742 The 5/12/24 VDC negative output module GE Field Control IC670MDL742 provides a... $328.38  $210.24 
IC670MDL930 The GE Field Control IC670MDL930 Isolated, no/nc relay output module. The GE... $222.00  $142.08 
IC670MFP100 GE Field Control IC670MFP100 is a micro fiels processor. GE Field Control... $426.35  $272.96 
IC670PBI001 GE Field Control IC670PBI001 is a profibus bus interface unit. GE Field... $1,028.38  $658.24