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GE Fanuc Series 90-20

Series Prefix : IC692

We have most hard-to-find GE Fanuc 90-20 parts in stock and ready to ship- CPUs, AC and DC I/O bases. Each part is tested, cleaned and boxed to insure quality performance, and comes with our exclusive 2-year warranty.

We can also Repair any 90-20 module- call our Repair Hotline today at 1-800-784-9385.

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Part #: Description: New: Surplus: Reman: Repair: More Info:
IC692ACC201 Input Simulator Board (For use with MDR541/741 DC UNITS ONLY!) $51.60  $51.60 
IC692ACC202 Terminal Strips and Labels (Qty 10 of each type label) $136.50  $72.92 
IC692CPU211 Series 90-20 CPU $348.00  $348.00 
IC692MAA541 Series 90-20 I/O, 120Vac In, 120Vac Out, 120Vac Power Supply $404.80  $404.80 
IC692MDR541 Series 90-20 I/O, 24Vdc In (Pos/Neg), Relay Out, 120Vac P/S $404.80  $404.80 
IC692MDR741 Series 90-20 I/O, 24Vdc In (Pos/Neg), Relay Out, 240Vac P/S $404.80  $404.80