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Description: GE Fanuc 90-70 GEFIC697CPX772 & CIMIC697CPX772 96 Mhz, 32-Bit Point CPU provides 512 Kbyte of battery-backed RAM memory. The GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CPX772 contains 256K of non-volatile user flash memory and supports floating point calculations.  The IC697CPX772 supports 2K inputs and outputs and up to 8K analog I/O channels.
Weight: 4.00 lbs.



Remanufactured IC697CPX772 - 2 year Warranty (Learn More)
Price: $4,683.30 
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New IC697CPX772 (Learn More)
Price: $8,823.75 
Available now: 4
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Factory New product, 1 year Factory warranty
Repair IC697CPX772 (Learn More)
Price to Repair: $3,122.20
To get your part repaired, fill out our repair form or call 800-784-9385 for more information.
Availability last updated at 6:45 pm Eastern Time September 29th, 2016

Core Exchange Credit

Send us any used or unwanted IC697CPX772 units and receive a Core Exchange credit of $450.00 per unit.

Call us at 1-800-784-9385 or email us to learn all the details.


Revision Numbers: IC697CPX772A, IC697CPX772B, IC697CPX772C, IC697CPX772D, IC697CPX772E, IC697CPX772F, IC697CPX772G, IC697CPX772H, IC697CPX772I, IC697CPX772J, IC697CPX772K, IC697CPX772L, IC697CPX772M, IC697CPX772N, IC697CPX772O, IC697CPX772P, IC697CPX772Q, IC697CPX772R, IC697CPX772S, IC697CPX772T, IC697CPX772U, IC697CPX772V, IC697CPX772W, IC697CPX772X, IC697CPX772Y, IC697CPX772Z, IC697CPX772-AA, IC697CPX772-AB, IC697CPX772-AC, IC697CPX772-AD, IC697CPX772-AE, IC697CPX772-AF, IC697CPX772-AG, IC697CPX772-AH, IC697CPX772-BA, IC697CPX772-BB, IC697CPX772-BC, IC697CPX772-BD, IC697CPX772-BE, IC697CPX772-BF, IC697CPX772-BG, IC697CPX772-BH, IC697CPX772-CA, IC697CPX772-CB, IC697CPX772-CC, IC697CPX772-CD, IC697CPX772-CE, IC697CPX772-CF, IC697CPX772-CG, IC697CPX772-DA, IC697CPX772-DB, IC697CPX772-DC, IC697CPX772-DD, IC697CPX772-DE, IC697CPX772-DF, IC697CPX772-DG, IC697CPX772-EA, IC697CPX772-EB, IC697CPX772-EC, IC697CPX772-ED, IC697CPX772-EE, IC697CPX772-EF, IC697CPX772-EG, IC697CPX772-FA, IC697CPX772-FB, IC697CPX772-FC, IC697CPX772-FD, IC697CPX772-FE, IC697CPX772-FF, IC697CPX772-FG, IC697CPX772-GA, IC697CPX772-GB, IC697CPX772-GC, IC697CPX772-GD, IC697CPX772-GE, IC697CPX772-GF, IC697CPX772-GG, IC697CPX772-GJ, IC697CPX772-GK, IC697CPX772-HA, IC697CPX772-HB, IC697CPX772-HC, IC697CPX772-JC, IC697CPX772-JD, IC697CPX772-JE