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The Definitive Guide to GE Genius End of Life

After more than 30 years GE announced that it’s no longer supporting GE Genius I/O Blocks & Genius Bus Controllers.

This may sound like a large challenge to overcome but instead it may make it the perfect time to migrate to newer technology.

Whether you chose to continue to support your legacy system & Genius Blocks, or you'd like to use this time to migrate & upgrade your system, Qualitrol can help!

Download the eBook today and find out what the right choice is for you & discover how both options are viable with the help of Qualitrol!

In the GE Genius End of Life Guide you’ll learn:

  • What the Future Holds for Genius Users
  • What Migration Options You Have
  • 7 Steps to a Safe & Manageable Migration
  • How Qualitrol Can Help You Stick with Genius

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