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Brand: Allen-Bradley


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The mainstay of any complete Allen-Bradley PLC scheme is the highly-versatile Allen-Bradley PanelView and PanelView Plus HMI.  For years, smart system designers have included one of the many versions of the PanelView unit to provide a graphical window into any Allen-Bradley PLC system.  Whether monochrome or color, touchscreen or key pad, the PanelView family of HMI units has passed the test of time.

Qualitrol provides remaufactured PanelView units, and also provides in-house repair of any Allen-Bradley PanelView unit.  The problem with most HMI units is that when an older unit starts to fail, there are two hurdles you have to cross - first, can I find another unit to fit in the same hole in the panel as my existing PanelView, and, second, will my program port to the new HMI platform?  Since neither question has a clear answer, the best answer is to find a replacement PanelView unit that is an exact match, or repair and retrofit the PanelView unit you already have.  Both are great options that Qualitrol can provide.

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The Allen Bradley - Rockwell Automation PanelView 2711P-T7C4D2 has Plus 6 700 6.5in. Color Touchscreen Operator Interface. 
Remanufactured: $4,950.00   |    Call for Availability


The Allen Bradley - Rockwell Automation PanelView 2711P-T7C4D8 has Plus 6 700 6.5in. Color Touch Screen Terminal. The 2711P-T7C4D8 also has Standard Communications (Ethernet & RS232). DC Input Pow...
Remanufactured: $3,298.00   |    Call for Availability

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