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Industrial Workstations

Brand: Computer Dynamics


Contact us today to help you extend the life of your Industrial Workstations systems.

Our industrial workstations are designed for OEM and end users in mission critical applications. We can custom configure these systems to meet your requirements with a variety of enclosures and computing horsepower possibilities. Our industrial workstations are available with active and passive PCI Bus backplanes that can also be configured to support your legacy ISA cards. We provide options that can complete your projects with the highest reliability, from small bench top 2-4 slot systems to 2U, 4U, and larger rack-mount systems.

We produce industrial workstations that exceed the usual standards of quality, reliability, durability, and long-term product longevity while providing exceptional support. You'll find our heavy-duty computers and industrial workstations operating in a variety of industries and markets such as military, marine, petroleum and natural gas extraction and processing, medical and pharmaceutical, logistics and transportation, semi-conductor and manufacturing.

Our Applications and Sales Specialists can help you with your project design needs. Contact us today for more information about our industrial workstation.

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Industrial Desktop Computers

Industrial Desktop Computers

Industrial Desktop Computers Computer Dynamics offers a desktop and tower computers for industrial applications. We offer many configuration options to match your application needs. Key Features: ...
Industrial Rack Mount PC

Industrial Rack Mount PC

Rack Mount PC The family of SeaBrite flat panel monitors utilize a wide range of sunlight readable, wide temperature range TFT LCDs, brightness control technology for excellent viewability in various...
Industrial Small Form Factor Computer

Industrial Small Form Factor Computer

Industrial Small Form Factor Computers Computer Dynamics offers a wide range of SMALL FORM FACTOR computers for industrial applications. The wide variety of systems offers many configuration options ...

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