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Is your PLC Designed to Last?

Qualitrol International was founded to help care for companies and employees that were stumped about what to do when PLC manufacturers began upgrading their systems and discontinuing parts for their original PLCs.

Manufacturers like GE no longer carry parts that aren’t supported by their most recent systems—but you need those parts for your PLC! When your PLC system works fine, there’s no need to get a new system just because you can no longer find parts.

This is where Qualitrol comes in to help. You should be able to keep using the PLC system you invested in. This means being able to find reputable parts, extensive support, and expert knowledge of the systems you know, love, and continue to use every day. This is exactly why Qualitrol International was started!

Have a Trusted PLC Partner

We’ve been in operation since 1992 and have been helping clients handle all types of situations since then. Whether you need a part shipped to you at a moment’s notice or an expert technician to walk you through the steps to correct a problem, we’re there. We don’t just sell parts—we guarantee that they’ll work.

Upgrading to the newer PLCs simply wasn’t an option for most businesses. Just because the manufacturer moved on to second or third generation machines doesn’t mean that your machine doesn’t still work. But when you can’t find the parts or support you need, how can you have a PLC system that lasts?

Protect Your Investment

Qualitrol helps you protect your investment. For those who did upgrade, we offered a credit for old PLC parts that were no longer being used. We provide remanufactured parts that are up to OEM standards and offer an unbeatable warranty.

For those who didn’t upgrade, we provided resources, parts, and support to people who needed to know how to keep their PLC systems running and extend the life of their parts. We even offer hard-to-find or discontinued parts for your systems!

Our PLC Support System

Our website provides further support to people in the form of FAQs, important documents and manuals, and an online chat option. Our accessible support system provides what you need, when you need it. When you call our support hotline, you get a certified technician who can help you directly. No call transfers, no waiting, no frustration. We’re here to help—it’s that simple.

Our priority is keeping your machines running. Our expert engineers and technicians make your PLC system easy to operate and maintain. If you need training for new employees who are unfamiliar with older systems, we can help. Our 20+ years of experience has been keeping PLC systems running efficiently and getting downed systems back up again. That’s what we do at Qualitrol.

Our mission is to support the existing systems that you have. If you choose to upgrade, we offer PLC migration programs to make the transition easy, and we’ll even credit you for your old system’s parts. When you need support or in-person help, we’re there. And our repairs and remanufactured parts processes are some of the quickest in the industry.

We’re here to keep your PLC up and running. Trust the experienced professionals at Qualitrol International to help!

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