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Experts in Industrial Electronics and Drive Repair

Qualitrol International has over 30 year’s experience in industrial electronic repair. We have the expertise, efficiency and competitive pricing that you need to keep your automation systems up and running, and we back that with a 2 year warranty on all repair services!

Our Repair Services Include:

  • Industry leading 2 year warranty  
  • Capacitor reforming
  • Full load testing of all drive repairs
  • Fast turnaround times, days not weeks

  • Replacement of high failure rate components

  • OEM parts & component (where available)

  • Competitive pricing
drive repair

drive repair

Capacitor Reforming Procedure

Spare drives sitting on your shelf longer than a year may need to have the caps reformed. 

The capacitors need to be reformed (re-aged) if the drive has been non-operational for more than one year. The longer a VFD sits without external power, the more rigorous the reforming of the capacitors.

For 220-230V and 380-480V models apply supply voltage of approximately 220Vac, three-phase or single-phase input, 50 or 60 Hz, without connecting a motor to the output. This voltage should be applied for a period of 1 hour. After this energizing process, a wait period of 24 hours before installing or utilizing the drive for motor control is vital. Part of the oxide insulation is formed during this “resting” period. For 500-600V, 500-690V and 660-690V models use the same procedure applying a voltage between 300 and 330Vac to the inverter input.

Load Testing Procedure

Before you receive your drive, verifying its operational integrity is the key to ensuring proper operation and a long service life. We provide full functional load testing, identifying and repairing failure modes, fully exercising output modules and complete testing of overcurrent circuits to guarantee your motor will spin to capacity when installed. Our staff of drive engineers are industry professionals that have worked with every brand and type of drive, from Allen Bradley and GE to Siemens, Danfoss, and many others.

CONTACT US 800.784.9385
drive repair

Request a Repair Quote

Qualitrol offers the expertise and experience that give you quality assurance in your repaired parts. Are you looking to quickly get a machine or an automation system back online? Are you in need of a replacement for a part that is no longer produced by the manufacturer? Qualitrol has you covered.

Our staff of experienced engineers and testers want you to enjoy the quality expected of a new part. For immediate service contact Gregg Mann, Repair Specialist at 704.227.4605. For a repair quote, fill out the form below or call 1.800.784.9385 for prompt service.

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