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Field Control (IC670)

Brand: GE Fanuc - GE Intelligent Platforms


The only GE Authorized Repair, Parts and Support Center for Field Control (IC670) in the world! Contact us today to help you extend the life of your Field Control (IC670) systems.

GE Field Control Repair

Thought that GE Field Control parts were obsolete and gone forever?  Well, Qualitrol has a complete offering of brand new GE Field Control modules, bus interfaces and racks!  Besides our quality remanufactured GE Field Control parts that come with our 2-year warranty, we provide a full inventory of newly manufactured GE Field Control parts

Plus, if you have GE Field Control parts that need to be repaired – don’t throw them away – we are the only GE Authorized Field Control repair center in the world.

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GE Field Control IC670MFP100 is a micro fiels processor. GE Field Control IC670MFP100 is a specialized micro PLC that provides local input/output logic within a Field Control station. The GE Field Con...


GE Field Control IC670PBI001 is a profibus bus interface unit. GE Field Control IC670PBI001 provides intelligent processing, I/O scanning, and feature configuration for a group of up to eight I/O modu...

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