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Series Five (IC655)

Brand: GE Fanuc - GE Intelligent Platforms


The only GE Authorized Repair, Parts and Support Center for Series Five (IC655) in the world! Contact us today to help you extend the life of your Series Five (IC655) systems.

The GE Series Five PLC joined the GE PLC family in 1987 as a mid-range controller with high I/O count. However, parts for the Series Five are becoming scarce, and in the manufacturing world where Ethernet communications, high-speed processors, and Windows-based programming software are all commonplace, the Series Five Cannot keep up for much longer.

You should be concerned about downtime should the Series Five finally expire, and you do not have the time to engineer a seamless conversion that minimizes lost production time.

Qualitrol offers a custom upgrade path to the latest conversion program to replace your Series Five PLC system that is fast, cost-effective and lets you take advantage of modern GE Fanuc PLC technology, specifically the Emerson Rx3i or rackless PLC.

Contact us at 1-800-784-9385 today to learn learn more about the benefits of upgrading your Series Five PLC.

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