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Series One Jr. (IC609)

Brand: GE Fanuc - GE Intelligent Platforms


The only GE Authorized Repair, Parts and Support Center for Series One Jr. (IC609) in the world! Contact us today to help you extend the life of your Series One Jr. (IC609) systems.

The GE Series One Junior is the fixed-I/O brother of the popular and world-famous GE Series One PLC.  We have replacement GE Series One Jr units in stock and ready to ship today.  Since these units are fixed units, repair is typically not an option. But we can provide full upgrade plans to move from a GE Series One Jr to the latest Emerson rackless PLC with slice I/O, or the popular GE Versamax PLC system.  Contact us today at 1-800-784-9385 to learn more.

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Timer/Counter Setpoint Unit (for S1 Jr & CPU 104, 105, 106)

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