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Series One Junior Expansion 24Vdc Sk In/Rly Out,115Vac P/S
  Revision Numbers
IC609EXP120A, IC609EXP120B, IC609EXP120C, IC609EXP120D, IC609EXP120E, IC609EXP120F, IC609EXP120G, IC609EXP120H, IC609EXP120I, IC609EXP120J, IC609EXP120K, IC609EXP120L, IC609EXP120M, IC609EXP120N, IC609EXP120P, IC609EXP120Q, IC609EXP120R, IC609EXP120S, IC609EXP120T, IC609EXP120U, IC609EXP120V, IC609EXP120W, IC609EXP120X, IC609EXP120Y, IC609EXP120Z
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