RX3i (IC694, IC695): IC694APU300

Brand: GE Fanuc - GE Intelligent Platforms


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  May Require Lead Time
2 Year Warranty
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The IC694APU300 for the Rx3i is a high speed counter Module 200KHZ A B and C type
  Revision Numbers
IC694APU300A, IC694APU300B, IC694APU300C, IC694APU300D, IC694APU300E, IC694APU300F, IC694APU300G, IC694APU300H, IC694APU300I, IC694APU300J, IC694APU300K, IC694APU300L, IC694APU300M, IC694APU300N, IC694APU300P, IC694APU300Q, IC694APU300R, IC694APU300S, IC694APU300T, IC694APU300U, IC694APU300V, IC694APU300W, IC694APU300X, IC694APU300Y, IC694APU300Z, IC694APU300-AA, IC694APU300-AB, IC694APU300-AC, IC694APU300-AD, IC694APU300-AE, IC694APU300-AF, IC694APU300-AG, IC694APU300-AH, IC694APU300-BA, IC694APU300-BB, IC694APU300-BC, IC694APU300-BD, IC694APU300-BE, IC694APU300-BF, IC694APU300-BG, IC694APU300-BH, IC694APU300-CA, IC694APU300-CB, IC694APU300-CC, IC694APU300-CD, IC694APU300-CE, IC694APU300-CF, IC694APU300-CG, IC694APU300-DA, IC694APU300-DB, IC694APU300-DC, IC694APU300-DD, IC694APU300-DE, IC694APU300-DF, IC694APU300-DG, IC694APU300-EA, IC694APU300-EB, IC694APU300-EC, IC694APU300-ED, IC694APU300-EE, IC694APU300-EF, IC694APU300-EG, IC694APU300-FA, IC694APU300-FB, IC694APU300-FC, IC694APU300-FD, IC694APU300-FE, IC694APU300-FF, IC694APU300-FG, IC694APU300-GA, IC694APU300-GB, IC694APU300-GC, IC694APU300-GD, IC694APU300-GE, IC694APU300-GF, IC694APU300-GG, IC694APU300-GJ, IC694APU300-GK, IC694APU300-HA, IC694APU300-HB, IC694APU300-HC, IC694APU300-JC, IC694APU300-JD, IC694APU300-JE
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