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2 Year Warranty
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The GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697BEM761 Series Six Interface module interfaces IC697 I/O modules to the I/O bus of an Series Six (IC600) programmable controller. GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697BEM761 provides an interface between the IC600 I/O bus and IC697 I/O modules. GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697BEM761 resides in an IC697 rack and has two 37-pin connectors identical to those used on the IC600 I/O Receiver for interconnection to the IC600 I/O bus.
  Revision Numbers
IC697BEM761A, IC697BEM761B, IC697BEM761C, IC697BEM761D, IC697BEM761E, IC697BEM761F, IC697BEM761G, IC697BEM761H, IC697BEM761I, IC697BEM761J, IC697BEM761K, IC697BEM761L, IC697BEM761M, IC697BEM761N, IC697BEM761P, IC697BEM761Q, IC697BEM761R, IC697BEM761S, IC697BEM761T, IC697BEM761U, IC697BEM761V, IC697BEM761W, IC697BEM761X, IC697BEM761Y, IC697BEM761Z
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