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Single slot CPU GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CGR772 Hot Stand-by CPU supports 512 Kbytes of battery-backed fast CMOS RAM memory in the same slot. Has GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CGR772 configurable data and program memory and a Battery-backed calendar clock. GE Fanuc 90-70 IC697CGR772 is a 96 MHz, 32-Bit Floating Point, 512 KByte memory Central Processing Unit for CPU Redundancy Applications.

  Revision Numbers
IC697CGR772A, IC697CGR772B, IC697CGR772C, IC697CGR772D, IC697CGR772E, IC697CGR772F, IC697CGR772G, IC697CGR772H, IC697CGR772I, IC697CGR772J, IC697CGR772K, IC697CGR772L, IC697CGR772M, IC697CGR772N, IC697CGR772P, IC697CGR772Q, IC697CGR772R, IC697CGR772S, IC697CGR772T, IC697CGR772U, IC697CGR772V, IC697CGR772W, IC697CGR772X, IC697CGR772Y, IC697CGR772Z
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