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Industrial Rack Mount PC

Brand: Computer Dynamics


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Rack Mount PC

The family of SeaBrite flat panel monitors utilize a wide range of sunlight readable, wide temperature range TFT LCDs, brightness control technology for excellent viewability in various ambient light conditions, and touchscreen technologies for operator interface to fulfill the demands of the Marine industry. The rugged, anti-corrosion mechanical design provides enhanced shock and vibration resistance for optimum operability in harsh, marine conditions. SeaBrite flat panel monitors accept multi-video inputs, as well as, support other customer-specified functions. These flat panel display monitors can be customized to accommodate most computing interface, marine-environment application.

Key Features:

  • Display sizes from 10.4” to 23.1”
  • Can be configured for VGA, DVI, S-Video, Composite, PAL, NTSC and other analog inputs
  • IP65 enclosure, NEMA 4 available upon request
  • Operating temperature range -10 to 55C
  • IEC60945/DNV (10", 15", 19", and 23" DC configurations only)
  • OpSunlight Readable Display
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