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10 Best Reasons for Remanufactured PLC Parts

January 15, 2016
Looking for reasons to start using remanufactured PLC parts? We’ve got 10 of them! Check out these 10 best reasons to get your hands on some remanufactured PLC parts. You may never need to buy a new part again!
  1. Cheaper Product Cost

Remanufactured parts work just as well as new parts but they’re cheaper. The price tends to be nearly half the cost of a new unit. Factor this into your company’s budget and you’ll see the savings add up. Switching over to remanufactured PLC components is cost-friendly!
  1. More Availability

Qualitrol has a multi-million dollar inventory of remanufactured PLC units. The availability is higher for remanufactured parts than it is for new parts. We’ll get your order quickly shipped so your PLC will be back in business in no time.
  1. Quicker Than a Repair

While getting a repair done with Qualitrol is fast, getting a remanufactured unit with us is even faster! You’ll receive your remanufactured part in less time than it takes to repair a unit. You can also send us your broken unit for a repair, then get a remanufactured unit for faster up-and-running time and a spare—what could be better?
  1. Enjoy the Warranty

Banish any thoughts that a remanufactured part is any less reliable than a new one. Don’t believe us? We’ve got a 2-year warranty on all of our remanufactured PLCs just to prove it. You’ll receive a high-quality unit that’s been tested and true.
  1. The History Speaks for Itself

For the last 20 years, Qualitrol International has been the go-to place for large-scale industrial and manufacturing companies. Production facilities rely on us for unparalleled remanufactured PLCs that work the first time and every time after that.
  1. Certified Technicians

Our highly skilled technicians are IPC 7711/7722 certified in order to provide you with the best remanufactured PLC parts. Our technicians know how to do the job right the first time.
  1. Quality Assurance

Our products are like new because we use the same components or exact replacements as the OEM on all of our remanufactured PLC units as well as our repairs. You’ll be surprised your product is remanufactured or repaired because it’ll look just like its new version!
  1. Superior Testing

Our rigorous checklist of critical tests is applied to every PLC part we see in order to give it the Qualitrol seal of approval. We test all aspects of CPU performance and I/O circuit testing under full load conditions to ensure each unit is functioning at its best.
  1. They Look New

Our remanufactured PLC parts look brand new. They’re hand cleaned and packaged in order to provide you with all the information you need in addition to a clean functional part. Our packaging even matches the OEM packaging, just with new labels to clearly identify them.
  1. The Support Team

At Qualitrol, we’ve got a support team available to you 24/7. Any assistance you need is just a phone call, chat message, or email away. Your questions will be addressed by one of our technicians any time you need it. Give us a call at 1-800-784-9385 to speak to one of our engineers, or email us at support@qualitrol.com. Alternatively, you can visit our website for manuals, FAQ, and chat support for any questions about remanufactured products or technical support. Buying remanufactured PLC parts isn’t just friendlier on your budget—it’s smarter and more economical than buying new parts. Experience how similar remanufactured PLC components are compared to new parts. It’s likely you won’t notice a difference, and best of all you’ll have Qualitrol’s 2-year warranty and support team at your back!  
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