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10 Reasons Remanufactured PLC Parts are a Great Option

August 21, 2015
If you’re looking to get quality PLC parts for a great price, consider remanufactured PLC parts from Qualitrol. We back all our parts to ensure you’re getting what you need when you need it. Our remanufactured PLC parts are handled with the skill and knowledge necessary to make them work great for years to come. Here are our ten reasons remanufactured PLC parts are a great option for you and your business:

1. Reduce Cost of Your Products

Would you believe that buying remanufactured PLC parts only costs about half of what new parts would cost? This can mean significant savings for your business. Not only will our quality PLC parts get your machine up and running better than before, but you’ll be able to continue to save money by purchasing remanufactured PLC parts from us. With a running PLC and low-cost quality parts, your business will flourish.

2. More Accessible

Finding that one part you need for your PLC can be a hassle—comparing prices, seeing what company ships where, making sure you have your model right. Don’t waste time comparing when you can get great remanufactured PLC parts with Qualitrol. We have a huge multi-million dollar inventory of parts and we’ll get your order shipped right away. We ship anywhere in the world and your PLC will be ready to do its job in no time.

3. Quicker than Repairs

Rather than sending your part out to get fixed and waiting for it to come back, don’t lose any time with your PLC—get your remanufactured PLC parts from Qualitrol. We’ll ship your parts quickly and you can get your PLC back up and working as soon as possible. You can also send us your damaged or faulty part for repair—we’ll get it fixed, get it back to you, and you’ll have a good-as-new spare just in case.

4. Warranty with Used Parts

All of our PLC units come with a two-year warranty. No need to worry about getting a part that doesn’t work—our warranty lets you know that we’re confident our remanufactured PLC parts will work the first time and work for years to come. If there does happen to be any problem with it, simply send it back to us and we’ll repair it or get you a replacement in a timely manner.

5. A Trusted Company

For over twenty years, Qualitrol has been trusted by thousands of industrial, manufacturing, and production companies for our remanufactured PLCs. This is because our customers know we’ve put the work and skill needed into these parts to get them to work for you for years to come. We don’t take our customers’ trust lightly—we work hard to get you and your business back on track with our remanufactured PLC parts.

6. Built by Certified Technicians

We understand that to get the job done right, you need skilled and certified technicians. That’s why we only use our certified, highly-skilled Qualitrol Technicians. They’re IPC 7711/7721 certified so you know that our high standards as well as yours are met with each PLC part that we remanufacture. Our certified technicians deliver when it comes to our remanufactured PLC parts.

7. Quality Assurance

We use exact replacements or the same components as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) on all of our remanufactured PLC parts so you can be assured you’ll receive a product that reflects Qualitrol’s quality and has an appearance that looks new. Our quality assurance policy also applies to any repairs we do on PLCs.

8. Tested and True

We at Qualitrol know that to be sure a part will work for you, it’s got to be tested with us first. Each PLC part needs to pass a rigorous checklist of critical tests before getting our seal of approval and going out into the world. We test all aspects of CPU performance and conduct thorough I/O circuit testing under strict conditions to ensure that every part is functioning at its highest performance level.

9. Look and Feel New

You’ll never have to worry about getting a less-than-satisfactory part from us. From its functionality to its appearance, your remanufactured PLC part from Qualitrol will look and feel new. Each part is hand cleaned to be ready for your machine. Our packing also matches the OEM original packing and new labels are put on each part to make sure it’s clearly identified by part number and an additional description.

10. 24/7 Support

We know that you need support with your PLCs around the clock. This is why Qualitrol offers you a 24/7 support team. Our support team is available to help you no matter what you need, whether it’s a question regarding your remanufactured PLC part or technical support and product information. We’re here to help. Remanufactured PLC parts from Qualitrol look new, are put through strict testing to ensure they’ll work no matter the circumstances, and can be purchased at half the cost of new parts. Save your business money and get your PLC working again with our remanufactured PLC parts. PLC Migration  
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