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3 Reasons Qualitrol Is the GE 90-30 Expert

November 6, 2015

The GE series of 90-30 PLCs were made to give you maximum control of your industry while still remaining flexible. When you’re looking for parts or repairs, Qualitrol offers thousands of different choices, including model types, options for communications, and remanufactured parts. Here are...

3 Reasons why Qualitrol is the GE 90-30 Expert:

An Unbeatable Stock of 90-30 Parts

At Qualitrol, we have thousands of both new and remanufactured parts, all in stock to give you the best selection.

We’ve got parts in stock ranging from the CPU350 to more difficult to find parts such as the CPU364. Our parts selection also includes any power supplies you may be looking for in addition to I/O modules. Our inventory’s pricing and availability are updated hourly to keep you informed about your PLC parts.

Our unbeatable stock of parts is there to get you what you need, fast. Don’t look in several places for parts. We’ve got everything you need at Qualitrol, even hard-to-find parts. If you’re looking to save money on remanufactured parts, we’ve got those in stock as well. Your PLC is the center of your industry—don’t shop around for parts or trust anyone else to deliver the parts you need when you need them. Shop our huge selection of parts at Qualitrol and never look anywhere else for your parts needs.

Saving You Money with Remanufactured Parts

If you’re considering remanufactured PLC parts, look no further than Qualitrol International. Our expert technicians at Qualitrol are IPC 7711/7712 certified to ensure that the best work is performed on your remanufactured GE parts by professionals. We microscopically inspect every component of your parts to ensure they’re undamaged and lead-free. If any components are damaged, they’re replaced with new components to completely comply with the OEM’s standards. We also hand-clean every part to look like new.

Shopping for remanufactured PLC parts is a great option for your GE 90-30 PLC and your business. When you’re thinking of remanufactured parts, don’t waste time with other distributors who can’t deliver the parts you need. Shop our huge selection at Qualitrol and get what you need, fast. We also package our parts to comply with the OEM’s packaging and properly label them, so there’s no question you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for with Qualitrol.

 90-30 Repairs When You Need Them

When you need repairs on your PLC parts, you want them done fast. You also want to be sure that when you receive your part back, it’s going to work like new. At Qualitrol, we’re experts at doing GE part repairs. That’s because our technicians are trained and certified to fix your part and inspect it to ensure its integrity. Our technicians then run your GE 90-30 PLC part through a series of rigorous tests from power sources to I/O modules to make sure your repaired part will work when you get it back and for a long time after that.

At Qualitrol, we’re experts at GE 90-30 PLC parts, repairs, and remanufactured parts. Our vast selection of parts in stock is there to get you what you need, when you need it, and always in a timely manner. We understand that your machines are an integral part of what makes your business tick—so stick with Qualitrol for your part and repair needs.

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