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3 Things to Know About the GE 90-30

May 20, 2016
  As one of the most versatile series in automation, GE 90-30 PLCs range from controllers to specialty modules and everything in between. Gaining a competitive edge in your industry is easy with this line of automation products. Just configure the system for your needs and apply to all types of applications. ge 90-30   Knowing how to best support your GE 90-30 PLC is part of taking advantage of what it has to offer. Consider these support options when it comes to keeping your 90-30 series line in optimal shape for your business now and in the future.  

When You Need Parts, You Need a Great Part Selection

There’s no question that having certain spare parts in stock is smart, but there will inevitably be times when you need GE 90-30 PLC parts that you just don’t have in the event of a crisis. When you need parts for your PLC, you need a great part selection. Your PLCs are an integral part of your business and you don’t have time to shop around for all the parts you need and to find them at the best prices.   At Qualitrol, we have an unsurpassed selection of parts for your GE 90-30 PLC, all ready to be shipped to you anywhere in the world. We update our inventory hourly so that you always know what we have in stock. Order a new or remanufactured part with us and send us your damaged component for repair. This way you’ll have a spare in stock just in case.  

Remanufactured PLC Parts Can Save You Money and Be Just as Good as New

Remanufactured GE 90-30 PLC parts are a great option for your business. They’re cheaper than new parts and yet undergo strict testing with us to ensure they’re fully functional and will meet all your needs. Technicians at Qualitrol are required to be IPC 7711/7712 certified to provide you with the best repairs and remanufactured parts.   Each remanufactured part is repaired to meet the OEM’s standards and every component is microscopically inspected and tested to ensure functionality and to comply with lead-free standards. Then, each part is hand cleaned by our technicians. We have thousands of remanufactured parts in stock that come in the OEM’s packaging with a data sheet so you know you’re getting what you need with us at Qualitrol.  

PLC Repairs Are Budget-Friendly and Logical

If a component of your GE 90-30 PLC is damaged, you may consider getting a new part and then discarding the old one. However, repairs can be budget-friendly and logical for your business. Consider that you’ll have a spare in the event that a failure happens again, especially with components that fail more frequently such as those that are exposed to harsh environments with corrosive agents or constant vibrations and high temperatures.   At Qualitrol, our technicians handle every repair in a timely manner. We offer a turnaround time of just days, compared to the weeks that other companies offer. We conduct an initial test of your part to identify the damaged components, then replace them and hand-clean them to comply with the OEM’s regulations as well as to look like a completely new part. We then conduct thorough testing to ensure that your part will work under all types of conditions.   Each repair also comes with an unconditional two-year warranty. That’s how confident we are that your part will work flawlessly for your business with your GE 90-30 PLCs.   Your GE 90-30 PLC needs support to work properly. At Qualitrol, we’re here to help. From our massive selection of new and remanufactured parts to timely repairs and support, we know your machines inside and out. Consider these three things to know about supporting your GE 90-30 series PLC!  
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