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A PLC System Designed to Last Should Last

December 31, 2014

When GE and other manufacturers began pushing for expensive upgrades and discontinuing crucial parts for older systems, factories and their employees were left out in the cold. You were left out in the cold. And we didn’t think that was right.

We started Qualitrol to take care of those factories and employees that weren’t being supported by their manufacturers. We believe you should be able to continue to reap the benefits of a perfectly good PLC that you’ve invested in. This means knowing where to go in moments of panic, without scrambling for a part that the manufacturer has stopped carrying. Not only do we have hundreds of thousands of parts in stock, we also have an unrivaled knowledge of the systems that you take care of on a daily basis, and a support team to help you through anything that comes your way.

Quality You Can Trust

Since 1992, Qualitrol has been a trusted partner in our clients’ businesses. We understand that even a minute or two of downtime can cost you thousands, and an entire day could cripple a line. In these crucial moments of crunch time, you need to be confident that you can handle any situation. Whether it’s that one part that didn’t have a backup or a quick refresher course that walks you through a troubleshooting situation, we’ve got your back. We sell parts and we guarantee them, but what sets us apart is our process, a process that you can rely on in the most critical situations.

When GE and other PLC manufacturers began to move on to second and third-generation PLCs, not everyone was ready to dump recently purchased systems and lose a significant investment in the process. But those who didn’t upgrade started to struggle to find the parts they needed. Those who did need a way to save as much of the investment from the older systems as possible.

Qualitrol picked up the rope at both ends. We started offering recycling services that took these leftover parts and put them to use. We took them to our repair center where we remanufactured them, tested them in OEM and factory-compliant systems, slapped an unbeatable warranty on them, and began shipping them out. For factory owners desperate to get their systems up and running, Qualitrol became a resource that could be counted on to stock hard-to-find and discontinued parts and ship them out fast.

In the early 2000s, local vendors became unable to support older systems, and frustrated technicians often turned to the Internet for answers. Qualitrol launched our website and immediately began focusing on making the resources and products easily accessible, constantly optimizing our process to reduce your search time. Since then, we have continued to improve and streamline our process, cutting out vendors, restrictions, and “Discontinued” woes. You can call us directly and we will answer. We’re not just a website or a repair house, we’re a resource you can rely on. Keeping you up and running is our main priority.

Qualitrol has an arsenal of experienced engineers at its disposal. Our mission is to share that resource with plants and factories feeling restricted, whether due to a lack of engineers or an abundance of newly-trained maintenance technicians who are not as familiar with older systems. Being that go-to resource for all the training materials and instruction you will ever need for your PLCs made us a global leader. And we have been providing assistance to people like you in over 60 countries around the world for more than 25 years.

The sky is the limit for what we will do for our customer. We’re not trying to convince you to buy parts; we are supporting the systems that you already have.


Avoid Costly downtime

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