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As Always, Qualitrol is your #1 GE Authorized Legacy Repair, Parts and Support Center.

October 5, 2018

For those who are not aware of Qualitrol International, we’d like to invite your to join the rest of our thousands of customers who have trusted our products and supports for over 25 years.   Qualitrol International is #1 Authorized GE PLC Systems Support Center in the world, and as always, we will continue to provide Mature and Obsolete PLC System Repairs, Product and Support. 

When GE Automation announced this past December the GE PLC Series 90-30, Genius and RX7i reached mature status, Qualitrol International was already well prepared to support and provide users of these series systems with support and product.  Since then, we have assisted even more customers with emergency service, same-day shipping on critically needed parts replacement.  Peace of Mind. New technologies in automation control is necessary to keep your facility growing, and protected in the years ahead, but until you’re ready to make the move…..Qualitrol can bridge that time will exceptional service and support.

When GE stops production and repair, that where we step in to keep operations up and running.  We are here for the long haul, even after Sr. Technicians who put the systems in place have retired!  We have the technical expertise on these legacy systems to not only trouble-shoot, but to provide on -site training for the newly hired maintenance team.

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