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Continuing Support for GE Genius

June 30, 2017
ge genius end of life Since GE’s Genius line of products is now considered obsolete, supporting your Genius I/O modules and bus controllers has become that much more of a challenge. Genius products have worked great for many factory lineups for years. These modules can continue working correctly and be a part of your automation systems if you have the right support plan in place. Although GE will no longer be supporting or selling Genius, here’s how Qualitrol is ready to help you keep your Genius products running and know when the right time is to migrate.

Get a PLC Risk Assessment

Do you know exactly what risks you’re taking by keeping Genius? Being informed about the potential faults of your current system can help you better understand your choice to keep Genius running. Qualitrol helps Genius users by first conducting a risk assessment of your system. This gives you great insight into how well your systems are working as well as what immediate and future risks you might incur through continuing with your current system setup. We’ll also help you learn more about what parts you need to keep in stock to be ready for failures. Our risk assessment is designed to keep you fully informed and prepared so your systems can continue working great with Genius.

Have a Support Plan in Place

Since GE is no longer supporting Genius, who will you turn to when you need parts or support for your systems? Look no further than Qualitrol’s tech support. It’s never ideal when your employees have to scramble to find the right expertise when older modules and parts fail. Qualitrol’s engineers can help get your systems running again, whether you just need a phone call to help you fix the problem or an on-site visit to tackle more complex issues. Having the right expertise in your corner as quickly as possible can help save you money and time. Contact us to have a support plan in place for your existing Genius components. We can even help you stock up on spares so you’ll be prepared to fix components when the time comes!

Have Spares on Hand

Once you know what parts you should have in stock from our risk assessment to keep your systems running, you’ll need to find them. Fortunately, Qualitrol has an extensive inventory of Genius products. These include new and remanufactured parts to provide you with options when it comes to your spares. Even if you’re not sure what parts you need, we can help you out. Our inventory includes everything from obsolete products to the latest components. Our parts are typically shipped the same day you order them to provide you with the parts you need when you need them. Let us help support your Genius products with our new and remanufactured parts. When you have a partner like Qualitrol, Genius’ transition to a Mature product doesn’t have to mean the end of your systems!

Plan for PLC Migration

Although Genius modules can and will continue to work—especially with the right support and parts—it’s important to have a migration plan in place for when you finally choose to retire these components. Modern technology is sweeping along and providing benefits that legacy systems can’t. During our risk assessment, we can help you see just how much you’d benefit from a migration while helping you support your current systems. Even if you have no immediate plans to migrate, having a plan in place for when migration does happen is important. We can help you implement migration when the time is right in digestible steps. Once the migration is complete, you’ll experience revamped ROI, improved connectivity, and enhanced overall system efficiency. Continuing to support your GE Genius products doesn’t have to be a complicated or stressful process. All the expertise, components, and support you need are in one place at Qualitrol. We help you plan for a system failure, know what spares you need on hand, and talk about your system migration plans. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you continue to support Genius!
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