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February 12, 2020

After 30 years of supporting the most demanding operations, we have learned what companies need to maximize uptime. Fast response, access to knowledgeable engineers, comprehensive preventative maintenance programs, and expedited shipping of critical parts are just a few.

Qualitrol invites you to join one of the most comprehensive service programs in the industry.  Take a look at what we offer and find the right service agreement for your facility. If you don’t find what you need, just ask.

  1. PRIORITY RESPONSE: When up time isn’t negotiable
  • One call access to Qualitrol’s rapid response team for on-site engineering support
  • On-site advice, guidance & diagnostic expertise to help your engineers quickly resolve most issues
  • 24/7 dispatch of experienced technicians directly to your site
  • Immediate access to archived backup programming, specialized proven troubleshooting protocols & diagnostic tools for a wide range of PLC’s, HMI’s, drives and sensors

2. TECH CALL HOTLINE: Experts on call

  • 24/7 telephone hotline access to exactly the expertise you need
  • Access to detailed knowledge and engineers with extensive expertise with PLC and HMI systems
  • Remote diagnostic access capability directly into your on-site hardware

3.  FAST SHIP: immediate access to critical parts

  • A detailed analysis of your operations, and the parts your systems will most likely need for both ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs
  • A Qualitrol purchased and maintained inventory reserved for your use – don’t buy it until you need it.
  • Discounted shipping rates on all reserved stock orders

4. SENTINELPM: Customized preventative maintenance

  • Comprehensive program of pre-emptive maintenance visits at your site tailored to manage your unique PLC and HMI risks and minimize unplanned downtime
  • A thorough automation system risk assessment of your equipment, operating requirements and environment
  • Detailed summaries of assessments and on-going maintenance
  • Includes free battery replacement, terminal and connector inspection, power load tests

5. QUALITROL BLANKETCARE®: The best automation uptime program in the industry

Bundle all three services for greater system care and save

  • Priority Response:  Rapid response on-site emergency repairs
  • Tech Hot Line:  24 /7 hot line access to specialized robotics technicians
  • Fast Ship:  Around-the-clock access to critical parts inventory reserved specifically for your company’s vision and robotics systems
  • SentinelPM:  Customized preventative maintenance to maximize productivity

6. CUSTOMIZED SUPPORT: Just tell us what you need

Some customized services we’ve provided have included:

  • On-site re-programming for process changes: Periodic on-site program additions or changes due to modifications or additional product extensions
  • Remote-access troubleshooting:  Secure remote network access for safe, fast technical support.
  • Off-line programming, program storage and backup download support:  Off-site programming and downloads to ensure continuous production.
  • Don’t see what you need? Just ask.

Call us and let one of our experts devise a service agreement that fits your needs! 800.784.9385.

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