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Does GE Genius End-of-Life Have You Worried?

October 27, 2017
ge genius end of life

As of June 1, 2017, Genius I/O blocks from GE have officially been discontinued. As of December 2017, GE will be discontinuing Genius’ bus controllers as well. What this means is that you’ll no longer be able to rely on GE for support of these components, nor will you be able to purchase them. Many industries incorporated Genius into their factory floor when it first came out in 1985, and many of those industries still use Genius today. Does GE Genius end-of-life have you worried?

We're here to help you make the best decision for moving forward with your automation needs!

The End of a Legacy

While Genius has remained extremely robust and enduring throughout the years, this line of products eventually had trouble keeping up with the latest technology. While cutting-edge technology for its time, Genius has since been outpaced by available newer technologies.

In 2011, GE moved Genius to Mature status—this included all I/O blocks and bus controllers. In 2016, GE issued a Last Time to Buy Notice for Genius. GE is turning its attention towards the future to better serve their customers in their decision to no longer sell or support Genius.

Investing in Newer PLC Technology

GE’s investment in the future includes technology that gives customers access to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Genius simply can’t compete with contemporary systems such as the PACSystems RX3i from GE, which gives customers a competitive edge in automation.

Through providing device integration onto a single platform to enhanced flexibility, limited wiring changes, and increased productivity, it’s hard to say no to everything GE is offering with its newest system. The RX3i also makes use of PROFINET to capitalize on Ethernet solutions. Although Ethernet works with many factory floors, PROFINET takes Ethernet capabilities to the next level with its robustness in addition to its efficiency. It’s no wonder that GE has chosen to invest in newer technology and retire Genius so they can continue to provide their customers with the best.

Continuing with GE Genius

This transition doesn’t mean you have to give up Genius—here’s what your future holds. Continue to support your systems with Qualitrol while you transition, or if you decide to stay with Genius, take advantage of our risk assessment. We can help you make the best decision for your factory, whether you’re just considering switching, are set on sticking with Genius, or want the newest system now. If you choose to continue with Genius, it’s important to understand your risks and have a support plan in place. Qualitrol can help you keep the right spares in stock and have a plan for migration in place when that day comes. If you choose to migrate or just replace your Genius components with Active GE products, you can gain access to the IIoT, make data-based decisions, increase durability, and just boost the production experience.

Regardless of what you decide, Qualitrol is here for you all the way. Even though GE is phasing Genius out this year, you can still rely on Qualitrol for parts and support if you decide to continue on with the legacy!

Contact us at 1-888-690-7388 to talk to our technicians and find out more about how we can help.

ge genius end of life
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