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Experience the Quality of our Allen-Bradley Control and Logix Repairs

November 12, 2020

Your machines are your livelihood. When a PLC part fails, you need to get it repaired or replaced with a quality product as quickly and affordably as possible. You have to trust that the part you put back in your system will work to manufacturer’s specs, will work the first time you install it, and will work for years to come.

Once you experience the quality of remanufactured ControlLogix parts from Qualitrol International, you will see that they are as good as new parts, at a fraction of the cost. We have an extensive inventory of remanufactured parts available for Allen-Bradley’s popular ControlLogix PLC family.  

All of the 1756 ControlLogix parts are available in remanufactured format – I/O modules, Processors, Racks, and Power Supplies.  Each of our remanufactured ControlLogix parts comes with our exclusive 2-year warranty.

We also Repair any Allen-Bradley ControlLogix part in-house with a fast turnaround.  Also, Qualitrol is a specialist in Allen-Bradley Panel and PLC HMI Repairs.  We can tackle problems with touchscreens, broken screens, bezels, PLC communication, and more.  Call our PLC Repair Hotline today at 1-800-784-9385 or email us at repairs@qualitrol.com.

Call one of our expert engineers about the LMI Gocator and see a demonstration.  800.784.9385

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