90-30 plcSometimes the most effective steps are also the simplest. By properly maintaining your GE 90-30 hardware, you can sidestep disaster and have a healthy system.  Here are some basic guidelines to follow to keep your system running better, longer!

Keep Backup 90-30 Components Ready

Components fail. It happens. If you want a repair, we can certainly get that done—but how much easier would your life be if you had the exact replacement you needed on hand? Replace the component, then get yours repaired. Now you have an additional spare on hand. GE suggests keeping at least one of each component, especially those with high failure rates, at your factory for a speedy recovery of your systems. For parts that have a high failure rate, schedule a replacement before they stop working to maximize your maintenance routine and factory productivity.  These include any component that generates heat or drives a current. They also include output modules. Qualitrol International can also help determine what you should carry with our Risk Assessment. Our program does all the legwork for you, leaving you with concrete knowledge about what should be in stock. Keep spares on hand to prevent a disaster that could have been a quick fix.

Replace Batteries Before They Fail

The battery for your PLC processor will need to be replaced, at maximum, every three years. Depending on how old your system is and how hot it gets, it could be sooner. Schedule a time to switch out your battery before it fails. 90-30 PLCs have a backup battery in place to protect your program should the main battery fail. Your system can keep working with a battery that’s about to go bad, but why risk it? Don’t be scrambling for a backup of your program or a new battery when your old one finally fails. When your battery has failed, the BATT light on your CPU will be red. If your battery is in good standing, the light will not be lit up at all.

Change Power Supplies

Output modules are among the parts that bear the brunt of the system and will need to be replaced sooner than other components. The same is true for power supplies. Just like your battery, the power supplies will need to be replaced sooner than other components. You should plan on doing a swap every five years or potentially sooner if your system runs hot. These supplies work hard, so keeping units on hand is recommended. You may even consider keeping more than just one of each in stock! Fortunately, your GE 90-30 PLC has a backup battery so you don’t lose your program when you remove the power supply.

Don’t Skip Scheduled PLC Maintenance

Keeping up with maintenance is easier said than done. Skipping your maintenance tasks seems like such a small thing but can be detrimental to your systems. In other words, small problems that go ignored can turn into huge disasters.  To make your maintenance routine a little easier with our outline of the most important tasks check out this blog post. Maintaining your GE 90-30 PLC hardware doesn't have to be difficult.  It will take a little planning so you have the right spare parts on hand, a little maintenance can go a long way.  It's also important to know that you are not alone.  For parts, repairs or tech support, Qualitrol can help you extend the life of your 90-30 PLC. ge 90-30 plc