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GE 90-30 IC693ALG442 Compatibility with IC693CPU321 and IC693CPU340

February 25, 2013
Notice from Qualitrol's GE IP PLC Support Team: Per our lead GE IP technical support engineer, this note is in response to a situation that occurred with a customer a couple of months ago. Qualitrol's engineers uncovered the issue, passed it along to GE for confirmation, and GE has tested and confirmed the incompatibility:
A GE IC693ALG442-DA and later will not work with a GE IC693CPU321 (any version) or an IC693CPU340 (any version). The module requires CPU firmware version 8 or later to be compatible and the aforementioned CPUs cannot be upgraded to version 8. All other Series 90-30 CPUs can be upgraded to version 8.
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