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GE 90-30 PLC Best Practices To Incorporate Into Your Maintenance Program

July 14, 2017
90-30 plcYour 90-30 PLC was made to run no matter what. The great thing about this is that it’ll last for a long time with only the most routine maintenance. The unfortunate part about this is that when something goes wrong, the right person usually isn’t around to fix it. At Qualitrol, we constitute your total support system for PLC health when it comes to your 90-30. Knowing who to turn to—and what to do—when your system fails is crucial to coming through the crisis unscathed. Let’s learn how you can quickly fix the issue and know what to do when problems happen. After all, nothing lasts forever. Here are five uncommon 90-30 best practices you should absolutely incorporate into your maintenance program. After all, maintenance isn’t just for machines!
  1. Stay Current with PLC Training
Although your system may not change for some time, your software eventually will. Knowing the latest developments in GE-supported software can help you more easily recover when a glitch happens. Qualitrol International fully supports the training of technicians in the field so problems can more quickly be resolved. Our training is featured on our blog, our YouTube Channel, and our Tech Support Portal. We even come on-site to conduct trainings for your factory floor team for 90-30 PLCs. We know that the right technician isn’t always on-site to fix these problems at your facility. We can train your employees to ensure that isn’t the case. We invite you to check out all we have to offer to keep current and know how to best solve problems when the time comes.
  1. Have Resources When You Need Them
Keeping things like important documents, manuals, and troubleshooting guides handy when you need them can make a huge difference. Put them in a safe place that’s well-known and easily accessible, but avoid keeping them directly on your PLC. You can even keep a copy of the manufacturer’s control manual digitally, so you don’t have to take up limited space. Although it may seem trivial for a system that hasn’t failed in years, it’ll save you crucial moments when downtime happens. Since your 90-30 is often older than your technicians, having the right resources in place can get knowledge in the hands of the people who need it most. Don’t skimp on the important stuff—keep guides, documents, and control manuals available. You won’t regret it! (Unless, of course, you’re keeping it on your PLC and it’s generating dust and heat). 
  1. Update System Wiring Diagrams
If your wiring diagrams haven’t been updated in a while, you’re setting yourself up for trouble when errors occur. The perfect opportunity to update your system wiring diagrams is when you conduct your electromagnetic inference (EMI) audit. Bringing an expert in to evaluate the problem usually requires that you have current diagrams available and ready for use. Your wiring diagrams will show which devices are connected to input and output ports on your 90-30 PLC. Drawings of your system as well as all its connections should be included. Once you have this information, you can utilize the module LEDs to find out which device is faulty and where. Keeping your system wiring diagrams in your cabinet ready to be used is an invaluable step in your troubleshooting process.
  1. Advanced Tips from PLC Professionals
It’s not easy to avoid that feeling of panic when your systems stop and you can’t figure out what’s going on. Fortunately, the experts at Qualitrol are here to help. If you’re at a loss for resources, aren’t sure whether your maintenance has been kept up on, and aren’t getting any major errors from your LED indicators, our engineers can help walk you through the problem. Our services extend far beyond just helping you avoid that in-the-moment disaster from a component failure. We conduct repairs, sell remanufactured parts, and conduct on-site services. Having a company you can trust is invaluable to your operations. From trainings to EMI audits to risk assessments, our professionals have decades of experience in the industry and are ready to help. Keeping your 90-30 system maintained is essential. Consider doing these best practices to enhance the maintenance of your PLC. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, give us a call at 1-800-794-9385 or visit our website to contact us and discover more. We look forward to helping your 90-30 PLC operate at its best! ge 90-30 plc
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