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GE 90-30 Power Supply Troubleshooting

March 3, 2010
Here is a troubleshooting question from one of our GE Fanuc 90-30 PLC customers and the response from our GE PLC Engineer:
Question:  We have GE Fanuc PLC Series 90-30 in our imported Textile machine. PWR and OK LEDS are green but RUN LED is not glowing on IC693PWR321 module of PLC. Also Communication error is displayed on Operating station. Is program of PLC corrupted or lost ? or any other problem ? Please give us your suggestion to solve the problem.
Answer:  The Power LED indicates that the power supply has powered up OK and that its outputs are within tolerance. The OK LED indicates that the CPU has powered up and has passed its power-on self test. The RUN LED indicates that the CPU is in either Stop or Stop/Faulted mode. Is the Battery LED on? If so, the battery’s output is too low and it is very possible that the program and the configuration are lost.
In order to determine what stopped your CPU, you need to connect to the PLC with the appropriate programming software (Logicmaster 90-30, VersaPro Standard or Proficy Machine Edition Logic Developer PLC Standard) and examine the Controller and I/O fault tables. If you do not have one of the programming software packages, you will need to obtain one of them along with a programming cable in order to examine the fault tables and reload the program and configuration if necessary.
If your Operator Station is not communicating with the PLC, this could be due a defective communication cable, PLC port or Operator Station port. It could also be due to improper communication settings in the PLC or the Operator Station. Improper settings in the PLC could be due to a corrupt program or configuration in the PLC but I cannot tell you for certain until you examine the PLC’s fault tables and memory with the programming software.
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