Your human machine interface or operator interface is an integral part of your automation system. HMIs have become essential to the operations of your PLC—so when a problem with your HMI or operator interface happens, it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible.  At Qualitrol, we offer operator interface and HMI repairs as well as video repair capabilities, a thing few other companies can do. We’ve also got thousands of new and remanufactured parts in stock for when you need them shipped to you, fast. Whether you need your GE QuickPanel or your Allen-Bradley PanelView fixed, Qualitrol’s got you covered.

Quick Repairs on Your GE QuickPanel

No matter which model of the GE QuickPanel you have, we can repair it. Qualitrol is an authorized repair center for all models of the GE QuickPanel. So when something goes wrong, trust us to make it right so your automation system will be working again in no time. Before we even begin your repair, we conduct thorough testing and evaluation of each component. We test the HMI screen for:
  • Any cracks or damage
  • Complete functionality of all serial ports
  • Brightness and clearness
  • Alignment
  • Whether or not the HMI is able to fully function, appropriate to your model
The communication of your operator interface to your PLC system is crucial. We check to see what the issue is, then begin the repair accordingly. After the repair is finished, we test your GE QuickPanel again to ensure full functionality is restored. Trust Qualitrol for your GE QuickPanel repair needs, regardless of the model. We’re an authorized repair center and will complete your repair thoroughly yet in a timely manner. A one-year warranty is also included with your repair!

Allen-Bradley PanelView Repairs

Allen-Bradley PLC systems are something of a specialty for us at Qualitrol International. Nearly every automation system by Allen-Bradley uses one of the PanelView operator interfaces. We specialize in repairing all models to get your Allen-Bradley PLC system working again. When repairing your PanelView, we ensure your screen is up to the best quality, fixing any clarity issues as well as misalignments and cracked screens. We ensure the HMI is communicating correctly. Rigorous testing is done both before and after the repair to ensure that what needed to be fixed is fixed. If you’d alternatively like a refurbishment, we can help you out with that, too. Send us your old PanelView units and we’ll get you:
  • A new LCD screen to replace your CRT screen
  • A new touchscreen or keypad, as appropriate
  • Your refurbished PanelView will use the same program, but use less power
We can also replace your Allen-Bradley PanelView operator interface if needed. From new installations to a spare for an emergency, we can help you out at Qualitrol. All of our repairs and refurbishments come with a one-year warranty! Qualitrol International also provides used and remanufactured parts for your GE QuickPanel or your Allen-Bradley PanelView. Let us handle your repair in a timely manner, or shop with us to get the best selection of parts at the best price. We know your GE or Allen-Bradley automation system is lost without its operator interface—let us help you fix or replace it!