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GE Fanuc 90-70 FAQs

December 6, 2016
At Qualitrol, we specialize in comprehensive support of your PLC systems. Our support specialists provide programming information, troubleshooting tips, important documents and manuals, and FAQs to help you with your problem. ge fanuc plc support Here we answer your GE Fanuc Series 90-70 PLC technical support questions with our GE Fanuc PLC specialists!

What Software Can I Use to Program and Troubleshoot My Series 90-70 PLC?

You can choose one of three different software packages to program and troubleshoot your 90-70 PLC. They are:

Logicmaster 90-70

As the original software for 90-70 PLCs, this DOS-based system can work with Windows 95, 98, and 2000. This program is not supported by GE Fanuc for Windows XP and Vista. Logicmaster 90-70 is considered a mature product.

VersaPro Professional Edition

This software can work with Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP, but not Windows Vista. This software can also work with Series 90 Micros, 90-30s, and even some VersaMax Micro and modular PLCs. This product is also considered mature.

Proficy Machine Edition Logic Developer PLC Professional Edition

As the only software that supports the new PAC systems and the current software for Series 90-70 PLCs (in addition to Series 90-30s and VersaMax CPUs and modules), this software package can work with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista environments. All PLCs that work with the VersaPro Professional Edition software package can work with the Proficy Machine Edition including the RX3i and RX7i PACs. This software will continue to be improved as new systems come out.

When I Attempt to Download the Configuration to My Series 90 CPU, the Download Fails Because Passwords Are Disabled. What Is the Solution to This?

When you attempt to download a configuration to a CPU that’s configured for “Passwords Enabled” and the CPU that it’s actually being downloaded to is set to “Passwords Disabled,” you will have this error. In order to correct this, you must completely erase the memory in the target CPU. This is because once passwords are disabled, the only way to download the configuration with “Passwords Enabled” is to erase the memory.ge fanuc faq To do this:  
  1. Power down the CPU
  2. Disconnect the battery
  3. Power up the CPU with the battery still disconnected
  4. Your memory should be cleared
  Your second option is to set the downloaded configuration settings to “Passwords Disabled” and then proceed to download the configuration onto the target CPU. However, this should only be done when you’re not worried about losing passwords.  

My Series 90 CPU Stopped Working—What’s the Problem?

Check the LEDs on the power supply as well as the CPU. The important ones to check are the POWER LED (which will indicate the health of the power supply) and the OK LED (which will indicate the CPU health). If these look normal, then use one of the programming packages identified above (Logicmaster 90, VersaPro, or Proficy Machine Edition Logic Developer PLC) to connect to the programming port and display the PLC and I/O fault tables. These will help you find the cause of the malfunction. Remember that if your OK LED on the CPU is out, you’ll be unable to communicate with the software.  

After Assembling a Series 90-70 System, the OK LED on the CPU Is Off. After Replacing the CPU, the Problem Still Exists. What’s Going On?

The probable cause of this problem is that the CPU rack isn’t configured with the correct rack number. The rack that holds your CPU should always be set to Rack 0. If there is any other setting, the OK LED will fail to come on. In order to check the settings, disconnect the power and remove the CPU from its rack. Check the upper left of the rack, where there are numerous jumpers that are used to assign rack numbers. Set the number to 0.  

Why Is My PC Not Communicating to the Programming Port on My Series 90 CPU?

There could be several things causing this issue.  
  1. Bad Port on Your PC. Try to use the PC’s serial port to communicate to another device—this will help you determine whether or not it’s working correctly.
  1. Bad Cable. Again, try connecting to another PLC to check the cable’s condition.
  1. Incorrect Communication Software Settings. The default settings for the Series 90 CPU port are 19200 BAUD, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and odd parity. If the settings have been changed, compare the port configuration to the software’s port settings.
  1. Bad Programming Port. You can check the +5 volt pin (also called pin 5) on your programming port. If the +5 volts isn’t there, the fuse is likely blown. This fuse cannot be replaced in the field.
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