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GE Fanuc Series 90-70 PLCs: FAQs

August 19, 2016
At Qualitrol International, we offer a complete support network for all your PLC needs. For your Series 90-70 PLCs, not only do we feature manuals, important documents, and FAQs for your inquiries, but our engineers are also available to speak with you over the phone, via a chat or email, or even to pay you an in-person visit to properly troubleshoot your Series 90-70 PLC from GE. GE Fanuc Series 90-70 PLCs: FAQs   The following are some of our most FAQs in regards to one of GE’s most popular lines of PLCs!

What Programming Options Are Available for Series 90-70 PLCs?

  There are three different programming options available for both programming and troubleshooting your 90-70 PLC.  

Logicmaster 90-70:

As the original software for 90-70 PLCs, its DOS-based system is able to work with Windows 95, 98, and 2000, but it won’t work with Windows XP or Vista. Logicmaster is considered a mature product, so there are no upgrades or advancements planned for the future.  

VersaPro Professional Edition:

This package was made for Windows and can run with Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP, but not Windows Vista. This package can also be used to program Series 90-30, some VersaMax Micro, and modular PLCs. This software package is also in mature status.  

Proficy Machine Edition Logic Developer PLC Professional Edition:

This package can also run with Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP. This is the software currently used with Series 90-70 PLCs, so improvements are continuing. This is the only software that will work with the new PAC, Series 90-30, and VersaMax CPUs and modules.

The Configuration Download to My Series 90 CPU Fails Because Passwords Are Disabled. What Can I Do to Fix This?

  In order to correct this problem, you’ll need to erase the memory in your CPU. This is because when you try to download a configuration onto a CPU that’s configured for “Passwords Enabled” and the CPU you’re attempting to download to is set to “Passwords Disabled,” the only way to download a configuration with “Passwords Enabled” onto a “Passwords Disabled” CPU is to erase the memory.   To erase the memory, simply power down the CPU, then disconnect the battery. With the battery still disconnected, turn the CPU back on. This will clear the memory. You can also change the configuration you wish to download to “Passwords Disabled,” then continue downloading. You should only do this if you’re not worried about passwords.   If you’re working with a Series 90-30 CPU, in order to clear the memory, you may need to short out a super-capacitor on the CPU module. You can do this by removing the CPU from the baseplate and shorting across two solder pads labeled “MEM CLR” for 10 seconds. This will erase the memory and you’ll be free to download a configuration with “Passwords Enabled” onto the CPU.

My Series 90 CPU Stopped Working. How Do I Identify the Problem?

  Check the LEDs on the power supply as well as the CPU. Key ones to check are the POWER LED, which will tell you if the power supply is adequate, and the OK LED, which tells you the state of the CPU’s health.   If these look fine, use the troubleshooting programming packages—Logicmaster 90, VersaPro, or Proficy Machine Edition Logic Developer PLC—to connect to the programming port and display the I/O fault tables. These can help you diagnose the problem. If the OK LED is not working, the software won’t communicate with the programming packages.  

My Series 90-70 PLC’s CPU OK LED is off after Assembling It. After Replacing the CPU, the LED is Still off. What’s Going On?

  It’s likely that the CPU’s rack is not configured with the correct rack number. The rack that holds the CPU should be configured to Rack 0. If it’s configured with any other setting, the OK LED will be off.   You can check the current settings by disconnecting the power and removing it from its rack. Look in the upper left side of the rack. There will be several jumpers that assign a rack number to the rack in question. You can use these to set the rack to 0.

What Could Be the Problem When My PC Won’t Communicate with the Programming Port on My Series 90 CPU?

  There could be several problems that may be causing the failed communication. These include:  
  • A bad port on your PC. You can try using your PC’s serial port to communicate with another device; this will help you determine if it’s working.
  • A bad cable. You can try connecting to a different PLC to determine if the cable is bad.
  • Incorrect communication settings. Your software contains default settings for your Series 90 CPU programming port. These default settings are 19200 BAUD, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and odd parity. If the settings have been changed and you have a copy of the configuration, compare the CPU’s port configuration to the port settings on the software.
  • A bad programming port. You can check the +5 volt pin, also known as pin 5, on the programming port versus pin 7. If +5 volts is not present, the fuse is likely blown. The fuse is not field-replaceable.
  If you can’t solve the problem by checking these likely causes, our technical support engineers can help at 1-800-784-9385.   Qualitrol International is here to fully support your GE 90 Series PLCs, whether you have the 90-30 Series or the 90-70 PLC system. From expert support to repairs, thousands of in-stock parts, and online manuals and support, we can help!  
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