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GE Field Control (IC670) Repair and Testing

February 11, 2013
In an earlier post, I talked about how Qualitrol was able to save hundreds of Field Control PLC parts from damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  The parts in this recovery were mostly GE Field Control parts. Field Control (IC670) was first introduced by GE in the early 1990s. It was designed as a remote I/O for various PLC systems like the GE 90-30 and the GE 90-70.  The main PLCs communicated to the Field Control drop via a Genius Bus Interface (GBI).  At the drop, racks with one or two Field Control modules were daisy-chained together to create a complete I/O drop.  Field Control has analog inputs and outputs (IC670ALG), digital inputs and outputs (IC670MDL), and other specialty modules. Thousands and thousands of Field Control modules were installed around the world.  Due to the small size and relatively low cost, many users opted to dispose of failed Field Control units instead of getting them repaired.  As a result, not many repair companies advertise or even know how to repair Field Control units. In 2008, GE discontinued the product line.  But Qualitrol never stopped supporting the product line.  Based on years of experience repairing Field Control parts plus a lot of technical support and training and assistance from GE, Qualitrol now stands as the best Field Control repair company in the world. Quick turnaround, factory testing, and a full inventory of replacement components - trust your Field Control repairs to Qualitrol.
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