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GE Genius Analog Block Compatibility Chart

February 11, 2013
GE Analog Genius Blocks consist of 2 main components - the electronic assembly (IC660BBA) and the terminal assembly (IC660TBA).  These components make up the Genius block - IC660BBA part number.  Here is a table of all combinations:
IC660BBA020 IC660EBA020 IC660TBA020
IC660BBA021 IC660EBA021 IC660TBA021
IC660BBA023 IC660EBA023 IC660TBA023
IC660BBA024 IC660EBA024 IC660TBA024
IC660BBA025 IC660EBA025 IC660TBA025
IC660BBA026 IC660EBA025 IC660TBA026
IC660BBA100 IC660EBA100 IC660TBA100
IC660BBA101 IC660EBA101 IC660TBA101
IC660BBA103 IC660EBA103 IC660TBA103
      If you look at the Genius block itself, you will see the above part numbers in the proper combination, and these part numbers will end with a letter or a revision letter (like IC660BBA101F).  Typically, the revision letter of both the EBA and the TBA part numbers are the same.  But there is a caveat to that thinking. If you have a Genius block that has the letter A, B, C, D, or E at the end, then both the EBA and TBA must have the same letter at the end (these are know as Phase B, Generation One Genius Blocks). However, if the ending letter is F or higher, then you can mix and match and revision of the IC660EBA and IC660TBA parts, provided they are both F or better. If you have newer terminal strips that are version F or higher but old electronics, we can upgrade the firmware in the EBA electronics section so they will compatible with the higher TBA version.
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