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GE IP 90-30 PLC Moves to Mature Status – Qualitrol has a Plan

October 6, 2015
On October 1, 2015, GE IP announced that the popular 90-30 PLC has been placed in Mature status. Here is the message from Connie Chick, GE 90-30 Controller Product Manager: “…we are announcing that the Series 90-30 moves to Mature* status October 1, 2015, with the PACSystems RX3i taking over all its application capability. The PACSystems RX3i is built on the Series 90-30 tradition of great reliability and performance.” Qualitrol is the place for on-going GE 90-30 parts and support:
  • Full in-house Repair capability with a huge supply of Pre-Repaired parts that can be shipped immediately while your part is repaired
  • Programming tools, manuals, and documentation on all 90-30 parts and systems
  • The best Technical Support team with over 60 years’ experience with the 90-30 PLC system, available for Phone and On-Site support
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars of New 90-30 components in stock, direct from the factory
Qualitrol specializes in these types of End of Life situations. We still support these old GE lines – Series Six, Series One, Series Three, Series Five, GE Field Control, GE 90-70 (LINK to each product family) – with a complete offering of parts and in-house repair services and a team of trained PLC engineers to answer any question.

How Qualitrol can help with your 90-30 PLC?

For the past 20 years, Qualitrol has been providing factory-quality repairs and New and Remanufactured parts for the 90-30 line. We have sent our techs all over the world supporting existing 90-30 installations and have migrated hundreds of 90-30 systems to the latest Rx3i platform. So we’re good at it. To help you determine the best plan of attack for your business, Qualitrol has put a couple wonderful programs in place for you, whether you plan to stick with the 90-30 for a while or if you’re ready to migrate to the Rx3i. First, we have an on-site Risk Assessment program where we will audit all of your current 90-30 PLC systems, listing all components used in each system. We will also do a complete inventory of your spare 90-30 parts. With this information in-hand, our team of PLC engineers will analyze your situation and recommend the proper spare parts, programming software updates, and other special considerations that will allow your 90-30 systems to run for many years to come. The final Assessment document is a useful tool for planning your PLC asset future. Second, Qualitrol has a complete PLC Migration program, designed to facilitate a smooth upgrade to the latest PLC platform. For years, we have been migrating GE PLC systems to the latest platform. Learn about our 7-Step Migration process in our eBook entitled, 7 Steps to a Successful PLC Migration (LINK). Qualitrol is in the business of supporting your PLC investments. Don’t let the end of the 90-30 line concern you – we are here to get you through it. PLC Migration  
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