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GE PLC Battery Part Numbers

April 18, 2011
Further documentation on the GE PLC family batteries: Battery Part Number for VersaMax PLC Refer to GFK-1503C page 4-11: The CPU module is shipped with a battery already installed. The battery holder is located in the top side of the CPU module. Before the first use, activate the battery by pulling and removing the insulator tab. To replace the battery, use a small screwdriver to gently pry open the battery holder. Replace battery only with one of the following: GE Fanuc IC200ACC001 --- CPU battery and Holder Panasonic BR2032 Battery Part Number for VersaMax Micro PLC Refer to GFK-1645C page 9-23, For the 23 and 28 point Micro PLCs, a lithium coin cell can be installed in the battery holder and inserted into the front of the Micro PLC behind the removable door. Its purpose is to protect the RAM memory contents of the PLC when the PLC power supply is removed or turned off. It also backs up the CPU’s real-time clock. Replace the battery assembly with one of the following: GE Fanuc IC200ACC403 Hitachi-Maxell CR2032WK Battery Part Number for S9030 PLC IC693ACC301 --- Battery lit for 9030 CPU and PCM (qty 2) IC693ACC302 --- External Battery Module Battery Part Number for S9070 PLC IC697ACC701 --- Battery lit for 9070 CPU and PCM (qty 2) Battery Part Number for PACSystem RX7i IC698ACC701 --- A three-cell lithium battery and spare door
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