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October 8, 2018

Continuing Support for Legacy GE PLC Products

Legacy GE PLC machinery requires extra support that many factory technicians aren’t able to provide, such as manuals for decades-old machinery, parts repair, or new parts for your legacy systems.

When you’re operating on a legacy system and plan on continuing to do so, or if you have a plan for migration in place but aren’t sure if now is the right time, Qualitrol is here to help.

We provide continuing support for all your legacy GE PLC products. Since GE Genius’(IC660) line of products went obsolete in June 2017, we’ve been providing Genius customers with the support they need to continue moving forward with their machinery.

From start to finish, Qualitrol is ready to provide you with everything you need to optimally run your legacy systems for as long as you’re able.

GE PLC Risk Assessment: Understand Your Vulnerabilities

Even if you know your machinery inside and out, it’s hugely beneficial to have a professional risk assessment done so that you know where your system stands.

Risk assessments offer great insight into how well your machinery is performing as well as the current risks of operating your machinery as it is now. Qualitrol assesses your PLC setup so that you know where your weak points are, what replacement parts you should have in stock, and much more.

Our goal is to help you understand where your PLC is now and where it’ll be in the future. We help you create a plan to keep your machinery running no matter what. Having necessary spares in stock can help you recover faster from a component failure.

Together, we come up with a long-term support plan based on your current and future goals for your machinery. Qualitrol’s risk assessment ensures you know all your vulnerabilities and how to handle them.

Engineering Support: Expert Help When You Need It

The last thing you need when your system fails is to talk to an answering machine. When you get in touch with Qualitrol, our engineers are there to take your call. Regardless of what your problem is, we’ll walk you through the problem and determine what you need to get back in business as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re operating on a legacy system or the latest controller, our engineers have you covered. We have the knowledge, resources, and staff to address your problem. We’re here for you regardless of how big or small your problem is, whether you need a part, an in-person visit, or just guidance on what your next steps should be.

GE PLC Parts: Shipped Directly to You

Our multi-million-dollar inventory of PLC parts—from new to remanufactured—gets you what you need in the shortest amount of time possible. Qualitrol’s risk assessment ensures you have the spares you need in stock to keep your efficiency at its best. Whether you need a new part or an obsolete Genius module, you’ll never have trouble finding a part at Qualitrol.

We have components that are difficult to find for your legacy systems as well as parts for your brand-new controller. Our parts are ready to be shipped to you regardless of when you need it. If you don’t know what you need, one of our product specialists can help you find the right component to get your system back to normal.

Qualitrol saves you money with remanufactured parts and our expedited shipping, so you get the parts you need, faster.

PLC Migration: Have a Plan in Place

Migrating to the latest system is simpler than you think. The benefits far outweigh the cost to switch, and you’ll be minimizing your risk and increasing efficiency by working on the latest system. You’ll be able to achieve your best ROI with the latest technology.

Qualitrol has helped thousands of PLC users successfully plan and execute their migration. Whether you have a plan in place or haven’t even thought about one just yet, we’re here to help you plan your transition with the utmost care and attention to detail.

When you choose to upgrade your Genius (IC660) platform to the PACSystems RX3i from GE, you’re able to interconnect all your systems, identify problems before they happen, and take advantage of advanced diagnostics. Our risk assessment helps you identify areas that need the most improvement to help you construct the migration plan that most benefits you.

Qualitrol makes your migration easy and budget-friendly. We even buy back your old parts and can credit the cost towards your new system if you like.

To keep your Genius components going, to put a plan for migration in place, or to get a risk assessment, get in touch with the professionals at Qualitrol. Our experts are here to support you in meeting your goals. We’re here to help keep your Genius components going and to prepare for migration when the time is ready!

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