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GE Rx3i Repairs are Fully Supported by Qualitrol

September 22, 2020

Fast becoming a leading controller in the industrial marketplace, the GE Rx3i platform is fully supported by Qualitrol.  Qualitrol provides complete factory-quality REPAIR services, PROGRAMMING support, and FIELD support for the entire GE Rx3i family.

Qualitrol has a complete line of GE IP Rx3i components including high-speed processors, high-resolution analog I/O, high-density Digital I/O, and specialty modules. Able to support logic, motion, HMI, and process control has solidified the RX3i’s place in the PLC control marketplace:

  • Each Repaired part is tested on actual GE Testers used in the GE Factory
  • OEM Components used in each Repair
  • Repair turnaround time is days, not weeks
  • Same-day service available for all repairs
  • All of our repair technicians are IPC 7711/7721 Certified in the Rework, Modification, and Repair of Electronic Assemblies
  • Our 2-year warranty covers the entire board, not just the problem we initially fixed

We also provide a top-dollar quote to buy back your unwanted Rx3i parts. Fill out our repair request form and we'll make the process easy for you. Our repairs work seamlessly with your PLC-we guarantee it with our unconditional 2-year warranty. Click here to go to repair form or call our Qualitrol repair hotline at 800.784.9385 or email us at repairs@qualitrol.com.

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