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GE Will No Longer Sell or Support Genius I/O Blocks

March 15, 2017
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It’s been a long run for GE’s Genius I/O blocks.

They’ve been around since 1985, when they impressed industries everywhere with their benefits and capabilities. From minimizing system downtime to providing quicker diagnostics, these blocks and bus controllers made PLCs more reliable and better controlled.

GE is officially retiring genius after over 30 years. In just a few short months, you’ll no longer be able to purchase Genius products from GE nor will you be able to get Genius support from them.

Many production companies today continue to use Genius for their PLCs. After so many years, this is a testament to how reliable and tough these blocks have been.

Here’s a look back at Genius greatness as well as how you can still get support for Genius with Qualitrol despite these changes.

GE Genius’ Legacy of Greatness

It’s no surprise that Genius has done so well—they were revolutionary for their time.

These I/O systems were easy to install as well as intelligent. If your network failed, no problem: Genius continued to sustain the system’s operation.

Used all over the world for a wide assortment of applications, Genius continues to be a functioning part of all types of factories. As technology advanced, however, Genius struggled to keep up and continue impressing its users.

GE moved the Genius line of products to Mature status in 2011, which meant I/O blocks in addition to bus controllers and communication blocks were no longer Active products.

Despite this, Genius stuck around for several more years. Five years after announcing its Mature status, GE officially announced the Genius Last Time to Buy notice. GE is propelling forward to keep its focus on improving operations for their automation products. In order to do this, they decided Genius was best retired.

GE’s Decision to Retire Genius

GE’s decision to retire Genius stemmed from Genius’ lack of capability when it came to keeping up with newer systems. By investing in the future, GE has been providing automation customers everywhere with better communication through innovative technology.

New technologies from controllers such as the PACSystems RX3i provide Ethernet solutions in order to allow you integration of all your devices onto one network. This also means that you have increased flexibility for your systems. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul of wiring to take advantage of these benefits!

New products from GE I/O solutions are all equipped with PROFINET capability to support your Ethernet solutions. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) allows you access to data in real-time so you can advance operations and prevent downtime.

When you choose to migrate your PLC—or even just replace Genius with an Active GE product—you can gain access to the IIoT. You can make decisions based on analytics for your machines to provide a better experience and enhanced longevity for your PLCs. The IIoT is changing the way machines and people connect. Without it, you can easily lag behind.

Although Genius can and will continue to work for years, getting technologies to better your competitive advantage in the digital revolution is an attractive alternative. While GE is officially phasing Genius out of their product line, you can still order Genius if you choose.

Last Time Buy Notices for GE Genius

Since Genius I/O blocks will officially be discontinued on June 1, 2017, you only have until March 31, 2017 to order any Genius products. After this, you’ll no longer be able to purchase them from GE. Any order you place needs to be shipped by the June 1st deadline.

If you’re interested in ordering more Bus Controllers from Genius, you have a bit more time—orders should be in before March 15, 2017 and should ship by December 2017. After these dates, GE will no longer sell or support Genius products.

People everywhere still rely on Genius to keep their PLCs running. Genius’ transition to retirement doesn’t mean you need to stop using Genius immediately. You have options when it comes to the future of your Genius line of components.

The Future of Genius

You need to be able to continue supporting your Genius products despite this change from GE. If you can no longer maintain your Genius blocks or bus controllers, replacement is imminent.

Don’t make the decision to keep Genius or migrate your PLC alone. Qualitrol International is here to help provide continued support to all your Genius products despite its discontinuation from GE. Whether you fully intend on keeping Genius or want to know the benefits of switching to an Active product, we can help.

Our support enables you to continue using Genius while knowing the risks and having a plan in place should Genius fail. Qualitrol has your Genius needs covered. We can help provide you with the guidance and support you need to continue using Genius.

Do you have questions about how this transition will affect you? We invite you to contact the technicians at Qualitrol at 1-888-690-7388 to learn more about how we can help you prepare for the end of Genius!

GE Genius End of Life Guide
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