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How our PLC Repairs Separate Qualitrol from the Competition

October 2, 2015

You can’t afford to have long periods of downtime just because a PLC part fails somewhere in your system. Getting your part repaired quickly and within budget is crucial, and this is something that sets Qualitrol apart from our competitors. We remanufacture PLC parts to provide affordable, trustworthy quality so your parts will work the first time and every time after that. With our certified technicians, rigorous testing, and perfect packaging, you can trust Qualitrol and our years of experience to deliver great repairs on your PLC parts.

Quality Workmanship

Trust our technicians to get the job done right—all of our repair and remanufacturing technicians are IPC 7711/7721 certified. This certification ensures that they’re the best people to do the job for the repair and remanufacturing of electronic assemblies. Our technicians inspect components that are very small with a microscope and LCD video display so they can visually ensure there are no signs of damage, rust, or corrosion. We use either exact replacements or the same components as the OEM to make sure your product runs properly. Our technicians air-blow parts to ensure that dirt and dust are removed so all of our products are cleaned to look like new.

Any damaged components that our technicians identify are removed and replaced with new components. We carefully remove and handle components with our industry-specific tools and are trained to effectively replace components without damaging nearby areas. Anything that we replace or repair will be indistinguishable from the original part or component. Any damaged connections, traces, or pads will be repaired. We maintain lead-free integrity with every component, and each board is repaired to meet or exceed OEM standards. 

Superior Testing

In addition to our certified qualified technicians, we put our remanufactured and repaired PLC parts through superior testing to ensure they’ll work for you and your unit. Each board is tested in a full rack that’s specific to that system. The CPU models are installed in the appropriate place, programmed with a test program, and then tested through all aspects of the CPU performance. We test the programming and communication ports to ensure they all work with external devices, and we test each input/output circuit under certain load conditions.

We test the power supply by installing each power supply unit into a fully-loaded backplane, turning it on, and checking the appropriate voltages and currents that are provided to the backplane. The input and output slot is loaded with an input and output module to check the communication to the CPU and ensure it’s working seamlessly. The firmware on CPUs and intelligent modules is also upgraded to the latest revision—if you don’t want the latest revision, simply let us know which revision you’d like and we’ll honor your request.

Thorough Packaging

At Qualitrol, one of the things that separate us from our competition is our product packaging. We know that no product is complete without its packaging and the data that comes with it. This is why we ensure that the final packaging of your remanufactured products matches the OEM’s packaging, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. We clearly label each unit to identify your part and product description so there’s zero confusion. We inspect each part again before packaging, and our technicians hand-clean them to look like new. We even include datasheets with each module to make sure you’re well informed about your product or repair.

Don’t waste time having a less-qualified company do your repair. At Qualitrol, we know how integral your PLC is to your company. When you need quality repairs, our technicians, superior testing, and like-new packaging make Qualitrol the best choice. You won’t be disappointed with your remanufactured or repaired PLC part from Qualitrol International, and with our exclusive 2-year warranty with every part, you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best with Qualitrol.

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