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How Qualitrol Can Continue Supporting Your Genius Products

April 12, 2017
GE Genius

Although Genius is officially retiring, Qualitrol is by your side to fully support your automation needs. Whether you’re interested in extending the lifespan of your GE products or if you’re ready to replace GE Genius, we’re here to help.

If you’ve decided you’re going to continue using Genius I/O modules after they become obsolete in June 2017, count on Qualitrol to be there. From phone support to on-site visits, we have the expertise you need to continue using Genius safely.

Although Genius won’t be available for purchase from GE anymore, these impressive modules can keep running as long as you understand the risks and have a support plan in place. You can maintain your Genius products to continue working your PLC with the right plan in place.

Here’s how Qualitrol can continue to provide parts, support, and expertise to keep your Genius line of products running smoothly!

Know Your Possibilities with Our PLC Risk Assessment

Knowledge is power. Knowing the risks of your current setup can help you be fully prepared in the event that a system failure occurs.

Qualitrol will conduct a thorough risk assessment of your PLC system to provide you with unparalleled insight into your machinery. We take the time to assess and understand your setup and talk with you about your future plans. We evaluate what parts you have in stock and suggest spares to keep on hand.

Having the right parts handy can help you recover quickly in the event of a disaster. We discuss your long-term plans with you—how long do you want to keep your setup the way it is? What can be improved in the meantime? Whether you haven’t considered migration or plan to migrate in a few years, we help you discover your ultimate support plan to ensure you’re covered no matter what.

Our risk assessment is designed to keep your PLC system up and running and educate you about the risks of your setup and how you can properly manage them.

Count on Qualitrol’s PLC Engineering Support

When you need support, experts in the field who can talk you through the problem or respond personally to fix your machinery are at your fingertips.

A quick response can save you downtime and money. We know how important it is to keep your systems going. Our engineers are available to solve even your most complicated problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our knowledge, tools, and staff are available to solve any issue you may have. Our expertise extends from legacy systems to the most recent technology. We’re here to keep your productivity at its utmost best, so take advantage of your support network with professionals who have decades of experience in the industry with Qualitrol.

Comprehensive support is more than just gaining access to manuals and documents when you need them. You need engineers available who are ready to tackle your problem and solve it as soon as possible with the right solutions. From a system start-up and testing to a simple phone call, Qualitrol is here for you.

We Provide Remanufactured PLC Parts

We have an extensive inventory of remanufactured products. We usually ship same-day in order to provide you with the parts you need when you need them.

Having the right spares on hand can increase your efficiency, especially when unexpected downtime happens. We know your operations need to continue no matter what. You’ll never be limited on your Genius products when you shop Qualitrol’s inventory.

We specialize in Genius products that are difficult to find and will soon become obsolete. Qualitrol also keeps the latest components in stock. Everything is ready for you when you need it. If you’re not sure about what you need, talk with one of our product specialists to determine which component would best replace your broken one.

From saving money with remanufactured parts to getting your components shipped to you as soon as possible, Qualitrol is ready to support your systems in the most efficient manner possible.

Know When the Time Is Right to Migrate

Many companies that rely on automation shy away from migration because they think the process will be too costly or time-consuming. Consider that migration to new technology provides huge ROI while your migration process can be implemented in simple steps.

Qualitrol can help you plan your migration with confidence. No matter what stage of migration you’re in, from pre-planning to system start-up, we’re committed to helping you make the most out of this transition. We can help you design and implement your migration with our 30 years of experience in automation.

Upgrading your GE PLC to the RX3i platform offers unmatched benefits in connectivity and efficiency. We work with you every step of the way to address issues before they have a chance to become detrimental to your migration process. Through our risk assessment, we target areas that need the most help and work with you to meet your goals, all while staying within your budget and time frame.

A phased migration could work better for your system change-out, so let’s talk about whether a phased or full migration best suits your needs. We can even buy back your old components and credit you the cost toward your new system. Qualitrol can help you keep Genius going securely or help you migrate when the time comes.

Talk about your PLC options with Qualitrol. Staying prepared in the event of a system failure is easy with our risk assessment. Contact us for support and parts when you’re in need. We can help you maintain your system as efficiently as possible with our continued support of your Genius products!

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