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How to Keep Your 90-30 Software Updated—and Why It's Important

August 11, 2017
90-30 plcYour 90-30 PLC seems invincible. It’s been working since its installation, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With the proper maintenance, these systems can continue to last for your operations. You know that maintaining the hardware on your PLC is important. Certain components are more prone to failing, and you’ve done your homework to know which parts you need to have in stock to minimize downtime. However, are you up-to-date on the right software for your 90-30? The correct software is important to maintain proper communication throughout the system as well as to more easily access your program when something goes wrong.

How can you keep your 90-30 system updated?

Upgrade to the Latest Edition

Making changes to an ancient version of software often isn’t possible. When there’s some type of issue with the software on your 90-30 PLC, the tools to program your outdated software usually aren’t available anymore. What does this mean for you? This means that upgrading to the latest software is inevitable, whether you have a legacy system or a brand-new one. This also means that your system can see more benefits with an upgrade to GE’s latest Proficy software. This software enables your system to remain relatively current and experience more features. Best of all, you’ll maintain system health until your current problem is fixed. Upgrading to Proficy doesn’t immediately affect your plant. Your hardware can still remain the same until you choose to upgrade everything for a complete transition to the latest systems.

Transition Firmware

When upgrading your software to Proficy, don’t neglect to transition your firmware as well. When your firmware runs on an outdated version while your 90-30’s software is updated, the firmware and software won’t be able to communicate with each other. You’ll get a connection error when this happens. By transitioning your firmware to the latest version, you can prevent potential connection problems and keep everything running smoothly with your 90-30 PLC!

Always Backup Your Program

Of course, upgrading your software is important. This is not only because it allows proper system communication, but because it ensures your system is ready for migration when the right time comes. However, backing up the program for your 90-30 can be even more important than these updates. Without a program to run on, your 90-30 is virtually inoperable. If you have any type of problem with your 90-30, whether it’s a communication error or a hardware failure, the first step is to back up your program if you haven’t already done so. It’s a good maintenance practice to back up your program anytime changes are made to the system. If you’ve never had to make any changes to your 90-30 hardware, there’s a chance that your system’s program was never backed up. If the program gets erased by a user error, you won’t be able to access it again. It’s important to back up your current program in order to ensure your PLC will operate until the problem is resolved. Then, if you need to upgrade to the latest Proficy software or make changes to your firmware version, you can back up these changes for safekeeping. Are you operating your 90-30 PLC on an old software system? It might be time to get your software updated to ensure your machine keeps operating. You can contact our experts at Qualitrol to make the transition and to perform a risk assessment so that you have a migration plan in place when the time comes. We’re ready to help you keep you 90-30 running strong! 90-30 plc support
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