At Qualitrol International, we provide remanufactured PLCs, repairs for PLCs, the Technical Field Service for PLCs. We also offer a variety of ways to help you with your PLC sytems; tech support, our blog, eBooks and our YouTube channel.  This blog post is a transcript of a popular video we offer.  If you'd like to watch the tutorial you can do so here or check it out at the bottom of the blog post.  Today we're going to look at how to set an IP address on a ControlLogix 1756 ENET ENET Ethernet Module utilizing the BootP DHCP server software. Our Senior PLC Engineer will walk you through this process. Engineer:         At the beginning, before you use the BootP software, power up your PLC rack. It will take a little bit of time before the PLC recognizes the PC internet connection. Once the connection has been established, then it's okay to start the BootP server. We're starting... On the top screen what we'll begin to see are some data coming across, which shows the time that the message comes from the ENET module, the type of data that's being transferred to BootP data packet, and then it also shows the Ethernet MAC ID. There's no IP address assigned to the module at this time. Notice that we're making a direct connection to the module from the PC. There's no switch or hub being used and because of that we're using a crossover cable. If only direct cables are available, then a switch or a hub would be necessary to do what we're doing. So once we've established - we have only one device on our network, so we don't have to worry about which MAC ID is the device that we're looking for. In our case we've only got one, so we'll select any of the packets that have come across from the Ethernet module and then we click on "add to relation list". At this point in time what we'll do is we'll change the IP address to We don't have this on a network so we have to set the host name and I'm not going to bother by setting a description so when I click "okay", down at the bottom in our relation list we'll see that the MAC ID has been associated now with the IP address that I just entered. Now this is only temporary at this point. If we want to make this permanent so that the PLC will come up and power up with this IP address from this point forward, we select the BootP in our new IP address and then we click on "disable BootP DHCP". We notice down at the bottom that the BootP command has been successful, so the new IP address has been established in our Ethernet Module. The next time we power up the module, the new IP address will be in effect. New Call-to-action